Suzanne Spooner 2… Update on disclosure from God & Gabriel

Note from kP: I will only add here that from my side, here on the Big Island, I have been assisting in the opening/expanding/realigning of several portals both here and into Peru, particularly a gateway connecting Kealakekua Bay with Sacsayhuamán Temple in Cusco. Kauilapele.

July 17th, 2011… God & Gabriel

Hi God & Gabriel.

Hi Suzy, We are here to let you know there is an update on disclosure.

I am ready, thank you.

In the next week there will be openings of portals that will give support for all humanity’s’ understanding of disclosure and ascension. This will be felt by not only those who already grasp it but by those who haven’t consciously been open to the concept. This is crucial because there will be a global awakening of very many. This energy will shake the final foothold the Illuminati have. Let your heart be open to guiding those just awakening to this process. People who have never believed in UFOs or the ascension of the planet will be seeking information and re-thinking their stand. This is very important to the processes of disclosure & ascension. We ask that all who read this message consider assisting those who are awakening by guiding them with love and without judgment. These awakening souls carry with them love, peace & joy that can tip the scale so to speak. Be the gentle giants of understanding of the Golden Age.

Suzanne Spooner

About Kauilapele

I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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  1. Kalaukeka says:

    On your marks, get set and let’s go! The power of Love through each of our Souls can move this energy toward our highest good. Our shining moment awaits! Mahalo for preparing us Suzanne. Aloha, Kalaukeka

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