Denise Le Fay, 7-6-11…Entering The Second-Half Of The Ninth Wave

This short article certainly goes along with the last one by Denise. I was most struck by her vision of the tall “ethereal, otherworldly and off-planet.” building. I am sure many of us have seen such structures, and even lived within them, in our Higher minds. Oftentimes while walking, I have seen telephone and power poles lifting right out of the ground, dissolving, and being replaced with the glorious, unobstructed view of this beautiful island.

This here is my favorite quote from this one.

“…how close we are vibrationally to literally bumping into other fifth dimensional Beings, ETs, Lightbeings etc. right here in our ascended Earth world. To hell with “disclosure” and the BS con-job of endlessly waiting for the patriarchal government to finally decide to confess to the world that ETs do indeed exist!”

See how this resonates with you. And share your own visions, if you wish.


Entering The Second-Half Of The Ninth Wave
Denise Le Fay, 7-6-11

This is a short note about some of the big changes I’ve sensed and clairvoyantly seen since July 5, 2011. I figure we all need some good news no matter how small after what we’ve been through in June 2011! Actually, I was rather surprised at how dramatically the energies changed from the repulsive fourth of July mentality and first-half of the Ninth Wave, to the very next day—July 5th—everything feeling like the adults were back and the lower silliness was gone for good.

Another thing that’s changed since July 5th is that I’m clairvoyantly seeing things out in the world that I’ve never before seen or sensed. Example: today while driving to the grocery store I clairvoyantly saw a large, maybe ten-story building superimposed over a physical gas station. That’s not all that unusual actually and is something I’ve seen in past decades many times. It’s where something will be physically built years or decades in the future and I’m just clairvoyantly seeing that. However, this vision was different, as were the other things I’ve been seeing yesterday and today.

The ten-story building I saw today looked like no building I’ve ever seen on Earth and that’s what’s important about all this. This building looked ethereal, otherworldly and off-planet. I couldn’t even tell you what the materials were in it, it was that different and otherworldly looking. It looked and felt to me like a non-physical bleed-through from the fifth dimension. I can say that because I’ve been to and seen a few different locations in the fifth dimension (and above) in past years and decades, and this ten-story high building looked and felt very much like some of the stunningly beautiful buildings I’ve clairvoyantly seen while traveling in 5D. So what makes today’s vision different from my previous visions into 5D and higher? It was here! I didn’t travel “up” or “out” to a higher dimension and saw it there…the building was right here in our world…our ascended 5D world!

Welcome to the very short second-half of the Universal Underworld/Ninth Wave! Despite all the ongoing and at times near crushing Ascension symptoms, pains and misery we’re still experiencing, this is a very important indicator of how close we are vibrationally to literally bumping into other fifth dimensional Beings, ETs, Lightbeings etc. right here in our ascended Earth world. To hell with “disclosure” and the BS con-job of endlessly waiting for the patriarchal government to finally decide to confess to the world that ETs do indeed exist! Are you going to continue waiting for others to define reality for you, or are you going to get with the real program that the Ascension Process is and live it yourself, see it yourself, experience it yourself all on your own? New responsibilities coming for more and more people throughout the second-half of the Ninth Wave; are you ready to do it yourself, or are you still waiting for some external event/events and/or governmental or religious people to continue defining reality for you?

My Mom also clairvoyantly saw parts of an etheric humanoid Being next to her in the grocery store today. And for the past two months the non-physical activity I clairvoyantly see in my house and bedroom (and my cat sees too and oftentimes gets spooked) has increased tremendously which further confirms that we and Earth have recently moved once again—vibrationally and physically in space—and this time it’s well within range to be seeing (and soon interacting with) other 5D Beings, buildings, cities and who knows what else.

There’s been many times over the past two years that I’ve wanted to write about how much positive change I feel and am acutely aware of in regards to the Dark Ones and their lowly, negative energies disintegrating all around me and our ascending Earth world and reality. So far I haven’t been able to adequately express how vast, how tremendous, how divine, how incredible, how wonderful the changes are so far…and we’re not done yet either! Suffice it to say that by our entering the second-half of the Ninth Wave phase on July 5, 2011, we’ve progressed far more than we realize yet and are already existing within range of other positive fifth dimensional Beings. So-called “disclosure” has arrived because we’re existing within a high enough 5D frequency range as many of these other Beings.

Keep your High Heart Consciousness on the high goal no matter what lower craziness is going on around you or what fears and insanity spills out from the planetary Collective during the second-half. We’re there now, and then we’re at the noisy, crazy, overpopulated grocery store, then we’re back again and so on. Some more stair steps to travel first, then we’re there constantly. Oh, and expect the unexpected from here on out, and don’t panic when you see something or some etheric Beings, Starbeings, or ETs while in the cat food or toilet paper isle at some store…or wherever! Just pay attention and enjoy your personal ascended version of “disclosure”.


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7 Responses to Denise Le Fay, 7-6-11…Entering The Second-Half Of The Ninth Wave

  1. Gunnar says:

    Somehow I lost hope for disclosure last week. It kind of withered away.

    Maybe not so surprising since I’m so exhausted I can hardly get anything done.

  2. Russ says:

    Not sure what to make of this down playing of Disclosure.. it seems that nearly every other article on this site is making a huge deal out of it and now Denise is saying that it’s not a big deal at all.

    I feel that something like that is easier for her to say since she claims to have been to 5D and back so many times, but for the rest of us stuck in 3D, disclosure should be the biggest event to ever happen in human history.

    I find myself reading and deciphering all kinds of different news and events to see how they fit into our future, and I have a lot of faith that Disclosure is indeed going to happen, but I can’t “see” other beings or buildings from the higher dimensions.. yet. But as I said, neither can most of the rest of the world.

    Maybe she should have thought of that before shrugging off the disclosure, it may send the wrong message.

    • Russ,

      I guess I was meant to find this Comment now so I’ll respond.

      So-called “disclosure” is going to happen, just maybe not the way certain channeled messages claim it will. My point with this is, would you rather have an external source like the government give you info about ETs and UFO’s etc. and hope they’re telling you the trust, the whole truth, or would you rather have your consciousness evolved to the point of being able to see and telepathically interact with some ETs yourself?

      This and much more is what the ongoing Ascension Process is doing to all of us, not just me and other clairvoyant people but everyone. I just don’t want people to continue putting all of their hopes and dreams on the shoulders of corrupt governments. It’s time for us to know more about “reality” for ourselves.

      Denise Le Fay

      Thanks Kauilapele for sharing my post/posts. :) Gratitude hug.

      • Russ says:


        While I do follow your point, I tend to be more of a literalist in regards to these matters. While I’m not blind to the secret government and their lies about the ETs, I do tend to take alternative news about them with a grain of salt. As I have yet to experience any visions or contact with the ETs, I therefore have yet to observe something “concrete” that would solidify my confidence in these matters.

        Another reason I feel disclosure is so important to me is because with it, it will become tremendously easier to help my friends and family break free from the binds of modern religious beliefs, and other cultural beliefs.

        I admit that I am relatively new to giving serious consideration to the Ascension process/ET contact (less than a year), so maybe your message was intended for the more experienced after all?

        Anyway, I still agree thoroughly with most of what you say, and of course it’s all appreciated.

        Thanks for taking the time to reply :)

  3. YvonneInTheMiddle says:

    I welcome another point of view on disclosure because I too wish it to happen ASAP; but if we have to wait until ‘humanity’ gets with the program and for the ‘dark ones’ to relinquish their grip on our quality of life; we might not see disclosure for another 200 years, and I know personally I am not waiting that long. I think or feel the only way we are going to have opportunity to live in a 5D world is: the holographic world is going to have to split. One will remain 3D, the other will be 5D. Perhaps Denise and her mother were multidimensionally ‘jumping’ or ‘sliding’ over into the 5D. There are billions of us on this planet. You won’t get the majority of us to shift consciousness unless they are made to do so. Seeing ships up close flying in our skies and landing will shift consciousness in an instant; but the occupants of those ships are saying they need our governments to ‘announce’ they exist first. What’s the big hold-up?! These governments would rather slit their own throats rather than announce ‘another power’ exists and give their power over to someone or something else. I say: Give us choice; let those who want to stay with the 3D holdouts do so. Those of us who want to slide over to 5D, do so. If not; it’s going to be a “long, boring, can’t stand it anymore world” waiting for factions to get their act together.

  4. Christine says:

    I think the point it, stop giving your power away. Every time you buy into what others say, you are giving away your power. Live your life as the self-empowered, sovereign humanoid you are. I used to follow Fulford, Poof, etc. but I’m tired of their agenda and line of bull – I’ve cut off most subscriptions and only pay attention to those teaching self-empowerment. After all, “out there” is nothing but your own projection. Love to all!

  5. Jim Channon says:

    Very happy to hear that star being transparency is real for some already. I personally have enjoyed building paradise on my own land and having a 5 D experience partly as a result. I asked a facebook friend who claimed to be a “ship” captain about the star port I am designing right now to recieve star people from wherever they maybe. She said you don’t have to have a landing strip … we don’t need ships to come to earth. Heaven for me is the state of mind I choose … Almost all the government does has little or any impact on my chosen worldview or state of being.

    Nice conversation. Love wins! Jim

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