Benjamin Fulford, July 4, 2011… The ancient Gods and their stories are actually recipes for power

The ancient Gods and their stories are actually recipes for power
Benjamin Fulford, July 4,2011

The teachings of the world’s secret societies are deeply connected to the pursuit of earthly power. The ancient ruling classes preferred to keep this knowledge in the hands of a small elite in order to maintain this grip on power. This week we will look at some of this secret knowledge of kings.

Perhaps the most ancient and important metaphor of power is the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis, Osiris, Set and Horus. The legend goes that in the very beginning Isis and Osiris, brother and sister, married and gave birth to children. One of these children, Set (later Satan) tricked Osiris and killed him by cutting him up into 13 pieces and making sure one piece, the penis, was irretrievable. This is a metaphor of a usurper killing the legitimate king and his male offspring as well to make sure there is no threat to his power.

In the legend Isis picks up 12 of the pieces of Osiris and fashions an artificial penis to revive him. However, it is through her son Horus, who grows up and defeats Set and becomes king that here revenge is finally completed.This is a metaphor of the female descendants of a great male leader using the seeds of other males (the artificial penis) in order to re-establish the legitimate male bloodline.

This is the story used by the royal families of Europe to show how they were able to re-establish the bloodline of David through his female descendants. It also allowed usurpers to legitimize their power by marrying into the old kingly bloodline.

The story of Isis lies behind the cult of Skull and Bones. The original Skull and Bones sculpture can be seen in the Basilica of St. John, the church built by the Emperor Constantine’s mother. There is a sculpture of Mary holding the bones of Jesus. That is the tale of Isis rebuilding Osiris to get her revenge. However, it is at base a metaphor of war and revenge and struggle for power.

There is a different metaphor to be found in Japan in the cult of the Goddess Benten (she has Hindu and Chinese equivalents). Benten is often portrayed as a naked and beautiful young woman. She is supposed to be behind such things as wealth, and the arts and music and other such good things.

Benten was supposed to have had 16 male children each and every one of them destined for greatness.

This is a metaphor for a golden age. When the first Europeans settled in America such a Goddess would have been a good symbol. Each family had many children and all the children usually went on to great prosperity on their own.

So in Asia we have a metaphor of a young bride about to have 16 happy children while in the West we have a metaphor of a widow seeking revenge through her son.

The Benten metaphor is more appropriate for the era we are about to enter but we must never forget there may come a time when the metaphor of the vengeful widow will see us through hard times.

There is a different metaphor for power in Asia that is also now appropriate to the times we face. It has been mentioned by me before but it bears repeating. This is the metaphor of the white, black and golden dragons.

A Shinto priestess whose family has run a shrine in the most ancient part of Japan for thousands of years taught it to me. She says that if you take a bit of fish or meat, together with rice and some vegetable, wrap it in paper and make a certain incantation the contents of the paper will disappear and the incantation will take effect. It would be interesting to scientifically verify this claim but for now we will look at the incantation as a metaphor.

If you make the incantation of the white dragon, you and your family will be given security and protection but it will not give you a lot of wealth or power. However, if you invoke the black dragon, you will get great wealth and power. If you see any weakness in others you will be able to shrewdly exploit if for your own benefit. However, it has a serious drawback, you find that when you have all the wealth and the power, you will have no friends. You will be alone.

Finally there is the golden dragon. If you invoke it you will have prosperity and fecundity. However, if you veer away from the path of the golden dragon, say by becoming cruel or perverted, you will lose it.

These are all metaphors of power and survival over many long generations of rulership. It is clear the Western elite overdosed on the black dragon because just when they thought they had all the world’s wealth and power in their hands, they found themselves friendless and abandoned.

The West now has to invoke the White Dragon because they have the world’s greatest military might and can use it to protect the poor and the weak and their own interests without harming others. Only then can they graduate to the golden dragon. The black dragon may be invoked in times of great war and turmoil but its dangerous side effects must never be forgotten.

Next week, we will look at rules that are common to organizations devoted to warfare, revolution and the maintenance of power. In specific we will look at Jesuits, Freemasons, Knights and Asian war cults.

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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18 Responses to Benjamin Fulford, July 4, 2011… The ancient Gods and their stories are actually recipes for power

  1. Brian says:

    Whats up with this weeks report? Ben was taught the incantations, but doesnt tell us how to do the Golden Dragon incantation ourselves. Of all the things going on right now, the release of former IMF Strauss-Kahn, the fight over the budget of the western world, and the 5.4 earthquake in Japan. He has nothing to report on these events? No signs of Obama wanting to get rid of the Federal Reserve? Supposedly the Pentagon wants Obama to stay in power. Why is this? I dont see any sign of Obama wanting to dismantle the Federal Reserve, or the IRS.
    Is there nothing to report this week except some metephorical nonsense? Very disappointed. I am starting to lose faith that Ben Fulford is for real. Its ok to tell us about these incantations, but give us something tangible as well. Was the the 5.4 earthqauke in Japan a warning not to start building new energy technologies? He supposedly has direct connections to the elite, and this is all he has this week?!
    We are still suffering. Its obvious to me that no matter whether the dark cabal knows that we will forgive them or not, they are still going to wreak havoc, and want to stay in power. Kill them and get them off this planet before they destroy us all, instead of playing this stupid economic game to get them out of power.
    Who do they want to suffer anyway, them or us?!?!!!! 2 ways to do it. Kill them all and make them suffer, or play this stupid game and we suffer. Havent we suffered enough? Apparently not.

    • Brian says:

      One more statement: To give us this nonsense on the day of the wests so called “independence day”, doesnt make any sense, and doesnt help us what so ever.

      • Paula says:

        Interesting point, but in Western Europe we do not celebrate Independence Day, yet are still part of the West. When the people of the USA stand up to the tyranny they now exist under and reclaim the 4th and 10th amendments, it might be a day worth celebrating again.

        I don’t think this article is nonesense, as it concerns the archetypes and myths that run through the lives of human culture and behaviour, shaping the morphic fields of our collective reality. Do not underestimate their importance, because they are very real and therefore very relevant – just ask any shaman. The White Dragon has a powerful basis in myth which has been given renewed power since the creation of the White Dragon Society. There are many rivers leading to the same sea, and this is just one that I feel does deserve a mention.

    • kauilapele says:

      First of all, we are currently in times where each one of us is being poked and prodded at every “button” within ourselves which is there to push. And every block to our advancement is being exposed, giving us the opportunity to clear it . That is likely why Ben messages bring many to their strong reactions to his messages.

      Second of all, why should what Ben writes and how Ben writes it, be any of, evidence somewhere?my business? This is his blog, this is his article. The more important question is, “Why is this particular message bringing up these strong reactions in me?” I’m not doing this to point out others defects, if they are that, but I have found tonnes of small things being thrown in my way that I have had the opportunity to react in my old way to.

      Thirdly, when you say “I dont see any sign of Obama wanting to dismantle the Federal Reserve, or the IRS.”. How can anyone be sure that, because something is going on in the world, there MUST be visible, in the media evidence for it somewhere? In my mind, no, there does not have to be. There is so much that cannot be exposed because, either it may foil up the works, or it may jeopardize those involved or put them and others in harms way, whatever that means.

      Fourthly, and to me, most importantly, we are placed here to grow into using our Higher Senses as a way of being. That means sensing for ourselves what is harmonious with the Higher Dimensional space we are moving into, and with the Higher Dimensional Beings we are becoming. So we are more and more being encouraged to use those Higher Senses for ourselves, to view things. To me, this means just “knowing” that this or that message or fact relates to me and is valid, for me. To you it may be different.

      So anyways, those are my gets for this one. And thanks to you Brian for bringing this up.

    • Drix says:

      The Golden Dragon is actually quite simple,it is to listen to ones own “self”,with the current spiritual level of the planet you don’t necessarily need an incantation,you just have to listen or meditate inwards.But karma is going to be a bitch and the determination to fallow ones own “self” isn’t going to be easy.
      Whats more actually invoking the white dragon since that’s what the most people are worried about.
      “Probably” the White Dragon represents forgiving and by it releasing karma.

    • Henry says:

      Then why aren’t you demonstrating on the streets demanding your government to stop bombing Libyan civilians to death?

      You are not suffering when compared to them.
      Instead of bragging behind computer screens, maybe the ‘awakened’ people in the west can do more help by pressuring the corrupt powers that they elected in the first place.

      Benevolent “ETs” are not our housekeepers, everything happens for a reason, even for the dreadful events. Like weren’t for the brutal murdering of Vietnamese civilians, the American public opinion would not have changed from supporting the war to against it.

      Weren’t for the “inside job” of 911, many American would not have realized how evil and corrupt their government actually is.

      Everything happens for a reason, Instead of cursing those who are trying to help, why don’t people like you blame yourselves for letting these evil factions rule the world in the first place, in the name of “protecting you” from “evil” communism during the cold war, and now the “evil” Islamist. They can use you, manipulate you because they know your weakness, people are lazy and ignorant, and they have fears based on prejudice.

      It is the people in the west who gave those monsters the opportunity to wreck havoc on the planet, until you realize the responsibility is shared on your shoulders as well, you don’t deserve any higher “dimension”. Simply because you selfishly tell yourselves you had enough of this “game”.

      It is not a “game”, instead it is an experience necessary for reaching the ultimate truth, the presence of evil makes one understand what’s good, and the deeds of wrong makes one understand what’s right. But unfortunately most people in America and in the West still think 911 was a “terrorist attack”.

      The good and the evil are always there, Ying and Yang, the lesson here is whether one can differentiate the two thus not succumbed by the evil.

      Like Benjamin said in this latest article, white and black dragons are metaphor for opposing elements, i.e Ying and Yang, only by combine the two, ie, find a balance from the two, can we then achieve the “golden age”.

      If the Soviet was metaphor for “evil” and the “free west” was the metaphor for “good”, clearly when JFK tried to work with Khrushchev on space co-operation, he was trying to find the balance between “good” and “evil”, which could have led to the end of “cold war” decades earlier, and bring peace and prosperity for all mankind. But his attempt failed not because there wasn’t enough “good” in the “evil” Soviet, but because there wasn’t enough “good” in the “good” America.

      The key lesson is how to get rid of fears based on prejudice and ignorance, how to achieve balance between “good” and “evil”. The sooner more people understand this rule of the “game”, the sooner “the golden age” will be dawned.

      • Brian says:

        Excellent! Please read my comment posted below. Believe it or not these are things I know. I have been opening my mind to the nature of creation, and the energies that bind us since I was 18 (40 now). I just think I was in a darker place that day, because after reading what I posted a few days later, I couldnt believe some of the things I wrote. I am not usually that negative. Thanks for your great response, the bit on JFK was priceless. Just one the great things he was trying to do.

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  4. Kalaukeka says:

    What was BF purpose in reciting all of this ‘folklore’ while millions are starving on the planet? Do we care about Egyptian and Oriental nonsense? No! This is the 21st Century and by now we are suppose to be more knowledgeable, ever mindful of our growing Souls and focusing on ascension of our consciousness and the planet. Is BF trying to create a diversion here?
    Aloha, Kalaukeka

  5. Dawn says:

    Thank you, Kauilapele, for this post and all the others. You are serving us each day with your
    work…and for no $ , I may add. If some do not understand the message that does not make it
    any less important.
    Step out of the box, folks, this is not a small story. “Our independence day” is not what you
    may have been told, nor is it the last chapter in the story. To really be independent is to be
    sovereign…and we are not yet there. WE will be as we all come together in unity.
    Love & Light & Fireworks,

  6. cavita cristen says:

    Thanks, Brian, I am on your page today – who cares about the myths that go on and on and on when you get to my age (84) you’ve read them forever – I want something I can set my thinking cap on and stretch up to. How about Tom Kenyon’s Message concerning “how to change timelines and alternate probabilities” that’s what we should be learning. Love to everyone. CC

    • Brian says:

      Thanks for your support, but I could have been more constructive, instead of calling it nonsense. If he would’ve told us HOW to do it. I may not have went off on him. I think that was what really rubbed me the wrong way.

  7. Linda Sands says:

    @Brian. When Neo tried to kill the men in black [in the Matrix] they just multiplied. We have to use other strategies.

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  9. Brian says:

    You are all absolutely correct. After reflecting on everything, and remembering what I have learned about the ethereal worlds, and the other energies that exist, I started to wonder if I jumped the gun. It gets so frustrating when you try to tell people about whats going on, and offer up some evidence, and they look at you with a blank face and call you crazy. I am pretty good at letting that go though, because I know I am right. But it seems no matter how much evidence you have to show and how much you try to get people to understand they just go about their merry way. Still oblivious, controlled by main stream media, which is probably the FIRST thing that should be taking control of. So, my ranting was not the right thing to do, and was just a sign of my frustration, but I took it out on the wrong person.
    I have to apologise to Ben, it must have been my mood that day or something. He was just offering another side of things that we need to remember. The vast energies that exist that we don’t see. I retract my original post. Except for one part: I would have still liked to know how to do it. So that we may help usher it in. But everything else I posted was crap.
    But in the end it just goes to show how strong we have to be to beat these dark energies that enter our minds. I should have been more constructive on my comments, instead of the negative ones I posted. I again apologise and thank you for your constructive criticism.

  10. Brian says:

    Your are right for the most part. But I have been telling everyone I know, and dont know about what is going on. Some listen, most dont. They let themselves be controlled by main stream media. If it isnt in the media they dont listen. Most people here are complacent and dont want to believe the things that are going on. They want to sleep better at night. They almost want to remain oblivious. I mean really, how can you take the vast amount of physical evidence from 9/11, which can be explained with 7th grade physics, and discount it so easily. I was just frustrated that day, and was ranting at the wrong person. But at the same time. he could have at least told us HOW to do it.

  11. Brian says:

    Sorry my last post was meant for Henry.

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