Suzanne Spooner, June 28, 2011… Disclosure Update…

This new message from Suzanne was posted on this page at Steve’s website. A very interesting message about some details of the disclosure process taking place within the Obama administration. This in my mind was the primary reason Barack Obama was elected.

I am posting only Suzanne’s message, so if you wish to read Steve’s remarks you may go to his page.

Suzanne’s website is



I’m sending you another update on Disclosure events with quite a twist. I googled ‘Paul Thomas’ and got a page on that said Director, Federal Government.

I asked about him and received the answer that “He is not known to outside sources.” Also towards the end I was asked to connect High Self to High Self with a “friend of the administration.” This is a process I learned from TAUK where I (or anyone who TAUKs) can connect to the High Self of anyone living and have a conversation. This must be done on my part with no agenda or ego, only coming from a place of love.


June 28, 2011

God & Gabriel

Suzy: Hi, God & Gabriel. [G&G]

G&G: Hi, Suzy. An update for you. Government officials in Obama’s cabinet are meeting in the morning to give Obama an Ascension Accord update. Members of the cabinet are pleased with the document and have given their seal of approval. In the government panel is both the speaker of the house, John Boehner & Nancy Pelosi. In the meeting will also be members of the UN and the Galactic Council.

This is important to Disclosure for several reasons. In the announcement to the public an ET will be standing next to Boehner. He will look human in form and his role will be in sharing with humanity peaceful plans of God & the galactics. He will give a brief speech and will be introduced as a close ally to all mankind. His name is Paul Thomas and he has been on Earth for two years.

In this announcement of a deal made for the economy, Paul Thomas will appear as a relations expert. His standing next to Boehner will be the sign to the Illuminati that the Ascension Accord is supported by all members of the government panel. Governments in all countries closely associated with Disclosure will know this is the first sign that Obama has given his true approval of the accord.

S: So is Obama at this announcement?

G&G: No.

S: And will it come with an announcement on the economy of the US?

G&G: Yes.

It is occurring in the Fifth-Dimensional moment of Now and can occur in the Third Dimension at any time.

S: So if I understand correctly, the important part of this announcement is who is there and that this ‘Paul Thomas’ is standing next to Boehner.

G&G: Yes, that is the signal of US approval to disclose.

A friend of the administration is asking to connect High Self to High Self.

S: Oh sure, I am ready.

Paul Thomas: Hi, Suzy, this is Paul Thomas. []

S: Hello, Paul.

PT: I am connecting to your energy to share with you my purpose for this mission. My purpose is to be the envoy between the galactics and the human entities that hold power.

My role as envoy is nearly complete and I am happy to say we are in the final days of Third-Dimensional politics. Be in great cheer as the work of millions of light workers on Earth, in space & in many dimensions is nearly ready for the universal opening to portals for love, joy & peace. In your ability to bi-locate, you will be given updates often.

Put your heart at rest and open your mind to these updates.

I am Paul Thomas of the Galactic Federation.

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2 Responses to Suzanne Spooner, June 28, 2011… Disclosure Update…

  1. Kathleen Richter says:

    I hope this supposed will finally happen on the 28th of July. It was suposed to happen July 8th. Will they change it, still again when July 28th rolls around.

    • kauilapele says:

      There are no set absolute dates for this, as I understand it. They cannot set a date, otherwise the dark siders could cause problems. When they are ready, and all is in place, it will happen.

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