Benjamin Fulford, June 20,2011… “Bilderberger meeting cancelled halfway through as participants flee to avoid arrest”

This is overall a very uplifting message from Ben. I must say, I am filled with something like “joy” hearing about the near arrest of some of those Bilderbergers. There is still a lot of under-the-covers activities going on, but leading us out of the darkness and into the new world we have all envisioned.

Remember that Suzanne Spooner said in her latest messages, that the Illuminati “have [been] given… a temporary agreement, unilaterally agreeing to this, so that the Illuminati then relinquish their further rights to any & all proceeds. This ensures their financial livelihood only for a short duration.” So perhaps the “defection” of Mr. Ackermann and Queen Beatrix, namely their contacting the White Dragon Society “to cooperate in setting up the new financial system”, is a very good sign for this planet, and is exactly what Suzanne’s message was talking about.

As usual, I suggest reading Ben’s message with Higher Discernment turned “on”.


  • …the Bilderberger meeting…was cancelled halfway through because prominent participants, including… Kissinger faced imminent arrest.
  • Following this, two prominent Bilderbergers, Joseph Ackermann CEO of Deutschebank and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, contacted the White Dragon Society and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system.
  • The collapse of the Bilderberger meeting in St. Moritz came about because the Swiss government ordered the meeting to be opened to journalists and the public, according to the CIA and BIS sources.
  • …many participants decided to flee the country… when Swiss judicial officials… were planning to arrest many of the Bilderbergers… David Rockefeller, George Soros and…[other] Satanists are now more isolated than at any time in modern history.
  • The legitimate and rightful owners of the world’s assets (the people of the planet earth) are now in the process of regaining control over the global financial system.
  • The problem we now face,… is how to carry out a smooth transition to the new financial system…
  • There is also a fundamental agreement to finance projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish.
  • The new energy technology will be introduced in a manner that does not disrupt current financial and economic interests.
  • The oil companies will be given major contracts to turn the deserts green as compensation for the gradual phase out of oil as an energy source.
  • …changing how a planet is run is not an easy task and the transition needs to be handled with great care. That means it will take a bit of time.


Bilderberger meeting cancelled halfway through as participants flee to avoid arrest
Benjamin Fulford, June 20,2011

Sources in the BIS and CIA confirm the Bilderberger meeting held starting June 9th in St. Moritz, Switzerland was cancelled halfway through because prominent participants, including Henry (Heinz) Kissinger faced imminent arrest. Following this, two prominent Bilderbergers, Joseph Ackermann CEO of Deutschebank and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, contacted the White Dragon Society and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system. A negotiator for the Chinese communist government also expressed support for the new financial system at a meeting last week in China with a White Dragon Representative. However, a lot of technical work remains to be completed so it is hard to give a precise date for the changes. There is also a strong possibility the new financial system will be introduced quietly and gradually with no major public announcements.

The collapse of the Bilderberger meeting in St. Mortitz came about because the Swiss government ordered the meeting to be opened to journalists and the public, according to the CIA and BIS sources.

In addition, many participants decided to flee the country before Monday, January the 13th, when Swiss judicial officials, plotting Knights Templar revenge, were planning to arrest many of the Bilderbergers, the sources say. As a result of this fiasco, David Rockefeller, George Soros and their fellow Khazarian Satanists are now more isolated than at any time in modern history.

Following this fiasco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel personally called Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and said Israeli linked companies controlled the security at most Japanese nuclear plants and threatened a nuclear holocaust unless the codes to the financial system were handed over to the Khazarians, according to a Japanese military intelligence source. The same blackmail has also been directed at the nuclear power plants along the Mississipi river that are now being flooded. The Isrealis were told by both the Pentagon and the Russians that nuclear blackmail was not their monopoly in a clear warning to back off or else.

The meeting in China, for its part, revealed lots of new and important information. First of all, lots of new light was shed on the incident in Chiasso, Italy where two Japanese were illegally detained by Italian customs authorities and had the $134.5 billion worth of bonds they were holding stolen.

According to one of these men, Mitsuyoshi Watanabe, formerly of Merrill Lynch, he was carrying a bunch of Kennedy bonds that were supposed to be cashed in order to finance a tunnel linking South Korea and Japan.

His companion, Akihiko Yamaguchi was carrying bonds given to him by a senior Yakuza. The Yakuza said the bonds were part of a major hoard in Japan. Former US vice-president Dick Cheney recently examined the bonds, pronounced them to be real and took two boxes filled with $500 billion bonds with him. The Yakuza decided that if Cheney said they were real, he would try to cash some of them in Switzerland too.

Instead, the bonds were seized by the Vatican linked P2 Freemason lodge and by the operatives David Sale and Daniele dal Bosco.

The subsequent fight over these bonds revealed the existence of a top secret committee that had illegally seized control over the highest peaks of global finance. That committee is also known as the steering committee of the Bilderberg group. The legitimate and rightful owners of the world’s assets (the people of the planet earth) are now in the process of regaining control over the global financial system.

However, this is easier said than done because we are entering uncharted waters. At the top of the global financial system lies a book of top-secret codes and the controllers of these codes have been able to use them to create trillions of dollars out of thin air and play god.

The code books are now under the control of the White Dragon Society. There was, as we mentioned last week, a fierce 8 minute gun battle involving dozens of men and many types of weaponry as the Khazarians attempted to seize the code books. They were repulsed.

The problem we now face, however, is how to carry out a smooth transition to the new financial system without causing the enormous chaos and suffering that would result if the computers of the global banking system were suddenly shut down. There is also the delicate geopolitical power balance that needs to be handled with extreme care.

One example of how a misstep in this direction could lead to horrific consequences is the plan of a hardline faction in the Chinese military to “get rid of India,” so that the monsoon rains would reach the desert provinces of China. Of course, rational minds have prevailed in China as well as elsewhere and such a plan would never be carried out but it is an example of the sort of power that humans now have their hands on.

Any rash moves could thus literally trigger the destruction of the planet so there is a need to proceed with extreme caution.

The basic philosophy of the new financial system, however, is expected to be as follows: You are sitting across the table from another person. You each have a gun in your hand. If the person on the other side is a beautiful woman (or handsome man) you may decide to make love. If it is a fat man coming to rape you, you may decide to fight. You may also choose to just walk away from the table.

There is also a fundamental agreement to finance projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. The new energy technology will be introduced in a manner that does not disrupt current financial and economic interests. The oil companies will be given major contracts to turn the deserts green as compensation for the gradual phase out of oil as an energy source. The commercial development of outer space will also be financed.

Part of this work will be carried out by a soon to be created meritocratically staffed International Economic Planning Agency. The non-corrupt parts of the traditional banking and financial system will be allowed to create two or more new offshore banking zones where they can carry out their own plans and projects.

Needless to say, changing how a planet is run is not an easy task and the transition needs to be handled with great care. That means it will take a bit of time. We also need to deal with the blackmail threats and power bases of the remaining Satanists and their allies.

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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43 Responses to Benjamin Fulford, June 20,2011… “Bilderberger meeting cancelled halfway through as participants flee to avoid arrest”

  1. Surge says:


    That’s great! :) I hope it sounds like a decent enough incentive for them.

  2. Concerns4Us says:

    May we build a nation in love and joy. So Be it: Be a nation in love and joy.

    I would love to be part of International Economic Planning Agency’s staff…on part time basis as I really need to devote my time to my young children for the next year or two at least…or have them work close with me. I’m familiar with sound financial and health care’s underwriting to product counseling as well as courts’ legalese underwriting practices in law. I do pray to see much of the fraudulent establishments go away as their fraud becomes apparent. I hold similar view in this regard as does Ron Paul.

    I have been relating to many: when the fraud is put to estoppels, what remains is the merciful equity. It has always been with us. Just put a strop to fraud. We do not need to change the current system. Then and only then all fraudulent entities will simply go away and or reform as is most suitable to the needs of earth’s nation’s lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness in merciful equity. The equity – truth & justice – is currently buried in multi-layers of fraud and conspiracy and or trespass therein. However, the general natural law in equity never left us even in the current corrupt monetary policy environment. It’s because the equitable truth’s law/treaty/policy is the building block to the current monetary policies’ system. That is why those folks are now being sought for fraud, treason, conspiracy and or the likes in the global public’s interest. These officials – be it private and or public – are in breach of public Trust and or Fiduciary duties as is details in their public bonds, insurance, scope of office and or the likes. The key general provision is essentially to serve the public’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness: not to harm and or injure the public. They miss-managed the global community’s Trust, our Trust, horribly. May peace, joy, love and or the likes prevail on earth now and always!!! Without harm and or injury to anyone.

    Blessings in peace and joy!

  3. Marie says:

    The best news In a LONG TIME…Thank you Benjamin! I always knew you were the one.

  4. Trent Fillmore says:

    The one ring to rule them all (the code book) cannot be used by the White Knights or anyone to make the world a better place. It only corrupts and enslaves mankind. It must be destroyed (used no more).

    • Trent Fillmore says:

      Those who grasp why usury is inherently evil and destroys civilizations no matter who wields the power, and those who recognize the code book as nothing more than a way to enslave mankind through usury, see hope of “finance projects to turn the deserts green” with the power of the book as the same type of vanity tempting the metaphorical little hobbit.

    • Tracy says:

      very well said… ♥

  5. Brian says:

    How is a new financial system going to be implimented quietly? Especially when all debt is to be forgiven. I think people will get the hint after they discover the loan they had for their car or house is wiped out. How are they going to wipe out everyones debt quietly? That is supposedly what is needed under the “new financial system”. Once again, things being done secretly, just the same ole’ same ole’ to me.
    You have a powerful media, use it to tell people the truth for once. That we have been screwed all this time. I am sick and tired of the secrets and the “lets do it quietly” scheme. Thats how things got where they are. “Lets make the public think we are doing THIS, when we are really doing THIS”. If people are told that we have been screwed this whole time but is now being fixed in “this manner”, they will be ok. Just need to start telling the truth now. Enough of this “QUIETLY” crap.
    Also start telling the truth about the corrupt schools that we have and how we are dumbing down the children. Is there something in the works for that to be fixed? How about the fact that pharma companies and the medical industry in its current state are a scam and not needed to help with sickness and disease because there is a cure for everything. If things like that dont get fixed along with the financial system, then its just the same thing happening under a different guise. If we are going to change this planet for the good. THEN IT ALL NEEDS TO CHANGE!
    How to you expect the public to prevent things like this happening if we dont tell them that it happened, and how it happened. Sounds to me like you just want to keep them dumb. They will just be sheeple like they are now. TELL THE TRUTH OR YOU ARE PART OF THE SAME SCAM!!!! Period.

    • zevn7tp says:


    • Anthony says:

      Great point. Well said!!!

    • SK says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! There can’t be a smooth transition with this, change sometimes must be abrupt.

    • Equilibria says:

      Too right!!! Enough secrecy and treating people like ignorant children! Very well put Brian – i feel ya!

    • Iaum says:


  6. Barry Lyndon says:

    its good 2.c.this/who knows it could happen again,signs of the times,i still think an believe that kissinger was murdered and replaced by a ontocyborgenergetic life form=clone.

  7. Brian says:

    Further Note: We need to tell the truth about what happened so we can teach our children what happened. That way they can prevent it from happening again. We need to be teaching this kind of TRUE history of our planet in our schools. This is the only way we can ensure that our future is secure with our best interests in mind.
    Ben is the spokesman for the White Dragon Society and its affiliates. I am one of the many spokesman of the PEOPLE. And I am telling you, the people deserve to be told the TRUTH. And despite what you think, if done in the right manner, they will be able to handle it. Not only will they be able to handle it, But their confidence in whats happening will sky rocket. Because for once, they were told the truth. Their debt was wiped out, and people will be excited, and a higher wave of energy will fill the land. This IS what will happen if done correctly. This IS what the people are waiting for. On behalf of the people of the planet…….MAKES THIS HAPPEN!!!!! (pretty sure no one of the upper ranks is reading this, but just in case).

    • Brian Dakin says:

      Brian i am so in Total Alignment with you. The charade is over and Humans on this planet are in dire need for the truth to be told in it’s entirety. Nothing less than full disclosure will do.


    • Equilibria says:

      Yes yes yes!!!

  8. kuuuuuuk says:

    Its bullshit… I was in St.Moritz… If it was true I believe we would have seen them leaving 2 days earlier… which wasn’t the case…

    Hence another reason why you should chew before you swallow… Benjamin Fulford should know better than this…

  9. Arthur says:

    Wow those last two comments of Brian’s rang of some truth. If it is not shared, then awareness of the people grows at such a slow pace, if at all. Like Brian mentioned, this will bring more joy and raise the vibration and spread the word. Anything on this planet that had major change, was a movement of the people. Isn’t the world (earth) already in-motion with big earth changes. We are going to be part of this change and the more transparency to the people, will support the change, Yes, some major steps needed to be in place, and with the rollout you will need all the support you can get.
    3 Questions…. How many forefathers did it take to change the way of the land? What was the real percentage of the population that was committed to the change? How many were running the show, at that time?
    The more real support you create, and the people learn and grow and teach this to others.
    The Star configuration in the sky is almost the same as it was in the American Revolution, and we all have a larger part in seeing the ultimate outcome this time around.
    Way to go, in your efforts, and add more movement with more people.
    In support of a most needed change.

  10. I completely agree with Brian. When I came to the part about implementing the financial system “quietly”, I just did not resonate in my heart center at ALL. In fact, I was repelled. Brian is exactly right that doing things secretly is the very same philosophy that has led us to this, clusterfuck, of a society. The masses, especially the unawakened ones, need to know why debts are being forgiven and everyone needs to acknowledge the deceit that we have been living under for so long. Because many people still think that everything in our financial system is kosher…I don’t know how they believe that, but they do. This is the age of transparency and of each human being stepping into their own power and sovereignty. This is not a time to keep it on the “down low” and be all hush-hush about! I realize that their needs to be a careful plan in place for disclosing these things and implementing a new system. We don’t want to create unnecessary chaos, for sure. However, lightworkers, starseeds, angels, awakened ones, and whatever else you want to call them, have been working their asses off for years and paying a huge price emotionally, situationally, and energetically, to remove the dark forces from positions of power where their filthy fingers might be inclined to “push buttons”. So, it really doesn’t add up to me that we are still having to placate them AS we reveal the new financial system. It was my understanding and higher knowing that by the time we introduce the new financial system, that we aren’t gonna have to worry about some assholes, potentially setting off nukes. I mean, that sounds like more of the same weak shit that’s been going on, when we are supposed to be playing another ballgame now. I say keep up the arrests, keep up the removal of dark, keep moving through these portals of Light that are blasting down on the planet and then when we can be safely transparent, tell the people the TRUTH because that is what we’ve all been waiting eons for and it is our RIGHT. Mahalo from Kauai,

    • rick says:

      I love how you posted, however, I believe with the current state of human kind, we are a vengeful and bloody group. When the towers were hit, and my tears turned to rage, I looked at Bush. I wanted him gone. But now I don’t hate him. Secrecy did get us where we are, but again as I stated in other blogs, we paid our debt with labor. We don’t owe a national debt. The fed does Because they own the government and the government only pretends to own us. All we care about is paper. If we all had a house and a car we would be quite happy. We pay for goods with our labor. I am rambling, I know, but all I wanted to say was I agree, but, lets let Ben do his thing. Besides, all we need to do is tell everyone. Lets love-monger lol

  11. Jorge says:

    Benjamin Fulford is a Luciferian and so is Ron Paul. Don’t be fooled by these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • kauilapele says:

      I do not want labels like “Luciferian” to be attached to anyone, unless you have some references that show that. From what I have read and seen of both of these men, they are working for the Higher Good of humanity, and do not have any “dark” intentions.

      We are all entitled to our understandings and to use our inner sense to guide our thoughts words and actions. If this is yours, that is fine. But if you make statements like you have, please supply some references that bring you believe that.

      Thanks for commenting, and taking the time to state your ideas.

  12. The Rooster says:

    Ah.. the wonderful B Fulford. The guy who went on Rense, two different occasions and proved he is nothing but hot air both times.

    Quote 1) Japanese Ninja Assassins are going to take out the illuminati. (erm still waiting)

    Quote 2) George Bush Sr is dead. I have strong intelligence from the inside that they are keeping it quiet. (yeah right… go see videos of George Bush Sr on youtube everywhere).

    Believe this charlatan at your peril.

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  14. morris amos says:

    to concerns4us. please contact me so we can chat about stuff required for change

  15. Brian says:

    I love you all. Keep the blinders open. The word “secretly”, or “national security” always raises flags for me. And in the end, that kind of talk will be their downfall. That is not the proper way to reveal things to people. And we are waking up to it, and those of us who know, will fight till the end.

  16. Phil says:

    What do you think will happen with all those people trying to be financially responsible or are a bit more financially conservative and have not taken on debt to be able to buy a house or cars?

    Your going to have a whole lot of people who are financially irresponsible suddenly have all this wealth from forgiven debts and a whole lot of disgruntled people who have missed out on going into debt for their dream car(s) and house have no debt forgiveness. I can not see such a blunt tool of total debt forgiveness being the ideal method of social cohension…. What are your thoughts on this?

  17. Phil:

    I’m right there with you. Not all, but many of the “rich’ in my area have that nasty – I’m better than you – attitude… perhaps they will be penalized, not for the debt necessarily, but for their own [lack of] consciousness.

    • Brian says:

      To Phil: IF….that is a big IF….this whole thing starts to take effect. The overwhelming amount of technology, and unveiling of us taking our place in the universe with all the other civilizations out there, will greatly over shadow the debt situation. However, because people have been trained – by movies – that aliens are “bad”, they will be more worried about that in my opinion. Which for the most part, is an unfounded worry. There will be both good and bad beings. And the battle of good and evil will continue.

  18. Ian K Elliott says:

    That the friends of Benjamin Fulford warned the Elite – Good.
    That they never immediately executed the 10 000 – not so good.
    That Royalty and banking Czars have a chat with the Triads, to set up a new financial system – NOT GOOD,
    Bet you they will be subverted.
    Then poor Mr Fulford will be left hanging from the nearest tree.

  19. cforcurious says:

    sounds like a boy crying for the presence of the wolf but is it really true or another big fat cosmic joke.

  20. rick says:

    Fantabulous! LOL! I’m quite excited. Smooth transitions and new financial system talk makes me happy. Maybe while they are at it, they can work on a healthcare system that will benefit anyone who needs it. Will be nice to spend money that doesn’t have any satanic BS on it. Also super happy you have so many responses. You need an android app that will alert me each time u post something. Thanks for everything, and now I’m going to make some grape koolaid to celebrate. Come on, u know u like it…

  21. barry lyndon says:

    it is good 2.c.that the swiss.acted and did something,is it also because someone in one of the banks decided 2 tel whats goin on. but can u do anything 2 kissinger? as he isnt hue-man like us,as he was murdered and replaced by a hollywood rothschilds thinthetic=ontocyborgenergetic life form=clone,without a soul. the technology is reptilian. see i also go by my own experience of being in the presence of a freemason beyond the 33rd degree.retired undercover cop an clone. so i know they exist. and are there 2 kinds of illuminati,one is good and the other is bad hence duality/chaos.

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  24. Danny says:

    Interesting… Personally there are a number of factions bringing forth solutions in many area’s of need. The White Dragon Society does not have the capabilities for keeping a lid on a new financial system. Paying off debts must be done on your own initiative with support of a new system or you will have chaos. In the area of monetary solutions soon to be released I know of 6 various groups all claiming for having extensive resources of gold and precious metals. But few present a plan of balance to support trade & commerce in the free market. Few empower those who make the efforts to help themselves then help others. The monopoly’s will be disrupted due to inventions and idea’s yet they will make attempts to hold on to there investments and need to be investigated. Transparency is the way and it will take hold automatically. But the people will grow in there own pace due to the changes that are about to happen. The factions that have controlled us for hundreds of years are loosing ground it’s like we are moving from the darkness into the light. As an example GMO & Chemical Fertilizers & Biotechnology are the major cause of disease and the toxic reactions illustrated in a body vary of multiple effects. There are quick ways to detox the body but if a person were to just eat organic food it would take 7 years to detoxify. So my point is Time is the cause and effect here, of the changes we are going to experience. As Albert Einstein once said ” We have no free will”. Did God, give you a choice of coming to this reality? NO! Well then where is your Free Will? Every action, has an equal reaction, and it is our duty in life to smile and do our best. But the effects of life are not in our control. So even though I believe there is going to be an announcement to the world regarding new solutions to health, technology and a new financial system. It will take time to effect the masses and bring forth prosperity yet you should expect a celebration!!! The announcement should commence in the next five months or less. There already exist a New Financial System of balance which empowers those who put forth efforts. The only thing in life that last forever is TRUTH! The reason why an announcement must be made is to empower the people. Secret societies should never be allowed to play God with people’s lives ever again!!!

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  26. Iaum says:

    Will the new energy technology be introduced in a manner that does not disrupt current financial and economic interests? INTERESTS? Who owns those “current financial & economic interests”? The banksters? The hidden rulers? Are not going to be disrupted in their assets? Are they going to keep the corrupt power? Come on, Benji. I wont support that! Those systems have to be disrupted and re-directed to Earth people right away and the power transferred to proved corrupt-free men and women under severe penalty in case of fault!

  27. Danny says:

    In response to the earlier post. I agree with you regarding the banksters there assets must be dissembled including the IMF and we should not have to pay individual income taxes. So here is what I know. It’s inevitable that the new free energy technology, which there are many will disrupt the current financial economic interest. There are multiple factions bringing forth monetary solutions in such a way that the current monopolies can be purchased and broken up and still show no losses. So that transformation of technologies and idea’s can start taking effect world wide. Even in the area of world governments here’s a recent quote by Sheldon Nidle mentioning the Declaration of Independence. “This document, which established the imperatives behind your liberation, is being used once again as the foundation for the legal pronouncements that are ready to be made public. In effect, these constitute a ‘second American Revolution’, but this time it is to free not only America but the entire world.” So not only the U.S.A. but many countries world wide are gearing up to soon support a new Constitution for The People.

    • Iaum says:

      It sounds good as long as the Global Constitution supports all beings without distinctions. The actual artificial borders between nations is dumb in that it doesn’t take into account the oneness of the Earth (and the Cosmos.) They may draw a line in the ground or even the sky, however, how do they expect to control, for instance, the flow of the air, rain, rivers and sea currents and the migration of animal species all over the air water and ground and encase all those things to national borders without disrupting the ecological equilibrium? Will they try to attract those vital currents into their particular nations making them a vergel, an orchard and at the same time to transform the remainder nations in arid deserts? Is Mankind ready to comprehend that we are all connected and that trying to disrupt this juncture only leads to misery? Let’s see what we get in the following years.

  28. andy schmidt says:

    good aye benjamin this is the best news i heard in a long time :)

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