The De-Guru-izing of this World…

First of all, this post I began writing last January. I was just getting prepared to start writing it and posting it, when all of a sudden, I was watching Keith Olbermann give his farewell talk on his (as it turned out) last show. So I wrote that post first. And this one got put off until now. For some reason, now seems to be the time this post wants completion. So here goes.

At that time, having just lost Keith, one of my few media “gurus” (to see my post about Keith, click here), whose insights I will certainly miss, I wrote some notes on something that had been going through my mind for several weeks. This came up through many of my own experiences of “losing” a personal “guru”, as well as what I had been seeing (and continuing to see) in “the news”, on various blog sites, and in what is occurring in our consciousness, individually and collectively.

I would have to call this process either, “The De-Hero-ing of this world” or, “The De-Guru-izing of this World…”.

So what is a “guru”? Here’s a set of definitions I found at

gu·ru (from [goor-oo, goo-roo] –noun
1.Hinduism . a preceptor giving personal religious instruction. intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.
3.any person who counsels or advises; mentor: The elder senator was her political guru.
4.a leader in a particular field: the city’s cultural gurus.
Origin: 1820–30; Hindi gurū; Skt guru: venerable, weighty

There are teachers. We all have them. In my own case, I have known school teachers, sponsors, ministers, professors, managers, and others, who have been “teachers” for me. Often they gave me a starting point, which I used for further explorations.

But sometimes I listened to what they said, then followed “blindly” not knowing where their advice or principles would take me. At times like those, I was really looking for someone else to take the responsibility for me, and when I did that, I could always blame them for “bad” guidance. And not take the responsibility myself, of looking within, and discovering what I wanted.

Remember the post about Rich Dad, Poor Dad? Well that article discussed how Robert Kiyosaki (and his books) was basically being used as a “guru” to entice students into a free class about Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings. But this was in order to get them into another “you-pay-for-it” class (of $500), and then into another class costing thousands of dollars. They were using Mr. Kiyosaki’s financial “guru” status to make money. Automatically, people expected him to be there, because his picture was on the advertisement for the class. But when students got to the class, they found out that “the Guru” would not be there. Guaranteed, some people were disappointed, and for sure, some were pi$$ed.

But essentially all of this arises because of the feeling that they (we) needed a guru to teach them what to do. And how to think, and how to feel.

As time progressed, for myself, I discovered through a variety of classes and experiences and 12-step groups, that the bottom line of all these was to “discover the ‘guru’ within myself”. Today, more often than not, I listen to and follow the Higher Guidance from within myself. That is my “guru”. If one is looking within for guidance, knowing that all true guidance is to found within, rather than from a “guru” or set of “gurus”, then the “gurus” are not required. We are that “guru”.

For me today it helps to hear that inner guidance. I am quite sure much of it today is not just from my own spirit, but from a much Higher Source. I often feel I am listening to the guidance given by the Earth, or her plants, animals, birds, fish, and the land, the ocean, and the Galactics (whatever that might mean. We are learning more and more, that we are a part of a much larger group, or craft: the craft of Mother Earth, the craft of our Galaxy, the craft of our Cosmos.

We are so much more free to follow our hearts when we eventually grow to understand that OUR guidance is all that we have been looking for, all these years. And I believe that is what we are intended to do, as part of the galactic family.

So I suppose you could say that I still have “gurus”. I don’t call it that, but whatever the name you give it, “gurus”, “Guidance”, “Holy Spirit”, as long as we know it is accessible from within our Selves, we are likely on our right track.

Does this make any sense to you?

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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3 Responses to The De-Guru-izing of this World…

  1. Kathy says:

    wow kauilapele!!! Thank you so much for this post! I loved it and has helped me. The universe has taught me recently this exactly thing, so your post is very timely for me. Even though I KNOW things, I doubt, listen to teachers in my life, but then KNOW that they are not correct. Mahalo

  2. YvonneInBetween says:

    Are you aware that Keith is returning to TV? Here is the link:
    I do love the man (Lawrence O’Donnell) who has taken Keith’s old slot more than I enjoyed Keith. And after the truth and honesty he laid down on his show last night about NBC and Donald Trump, I hope the man still has a job and won’t be put out to pasture like Olbermann.

  3. Many people fail to realize or even believe that they have their own internal quidance system.
    Thank you for sharing these thoughts it something that I will use henceforth in my practice.
    Dr. Ann

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