A Short Obama-Related Post…

This was a reply to a message that was posted on another site I visit, and referred to an article from one of Alex Jones sites. This was an “Oh my God the sky is falling because of what Obama did” type of article, calling him a “hypocrite”, and “teleprompter reader in chief and NCAA basketball picker” casually, saying he was “sounding like a Mafia don”, while calling him “Barry” (I believe that was simply Barack’s English-ized nickname while he was in school). The article even stated, “It is said Obama is very enthusiastic about killing Pakistan tribesmen and their women and children.” So WHO said that. Which “IT” said that? Nonsense.

This is quite typical of the “flaming” comments that many of these “sky is falling” websites publish. There is a great deal of “implication” (e.g., “teleprompter reader in chief”, “NCAA basketball picker”, “Mafia don”), but no substance. The ones who put forth articles like this do not look beyond anything except their own fears and pre- and/or mis-conceptions. They do NOT see the Higher Self. They do NOT see the Higher Purpose of events. And they do NOT see the real Obama.

That is why I consider it essential, for myself at least, to steer away from those sites. They have nothing to do with the world in which I am living at this time.

So here was my reply:


Again I can say that while many facts [in the article] may be correct, these Infowars and PrisonPlanet people do not see the entire picture. Mr. Obama is required to play many roles at the same time. He is putting on innumerable hats during each day to accomplish what needs to be done. His hands are “tied” in many ways because he has to deal with an inherently corrupt system, with many inherently corrupt individuals. He must consider the entire picture. For not only the U.S., but the entire world.

I will only share my view of President Obama, and any, and all, may disagree.

He is here to keep this country from blowing itself up, and to keep the world from doing the same. It is a monumental task. And he is almost the only one who can do this.

You may bash him all you like, he will continue to perform his duties in service to this world. As are many many others of whom we know nothing. There are many “Angels” or Higher Souls that are here right now assisting with this.

His ultimate aim is to allow, and set the stage for, an atmosphere to be established where the ultimate secret may be unveiled. That we are not alone on this planet, and that “Angels” from all parts of this Universe, are living with us, and have been here physically with us, for centuries.

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I am a Spirit of Light working with energies on this planet on the Big Island of Hawai'i (for 15 years). My spiritual missions have taken me from the Big Island of Hawai'i to neighbor islands (Oahu, Kauai), as well as to Turtle Island (N. America), Peru (Cusco), Bolivia (Lake Titicaca), and Egypt (Gizeh, Saqqara, the Pyramids) (see my YouTube page).
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3 Responses to A Short Obama-Related Post…

  1. Kalukaleke says:

    Aloha and bravo for your encouraging words. Each of us must use the eyes of our soul to discern the duties of our President. There are those who allow others to feed their egos with negative rumors rather than use their own Knowingness to understand what it takes for a Lighted soul to hold this planet together. Replace your criticism with your Light and assist President Obama with his heavy burden and remember that WE ARE ALL here on a mission. From my vantage I clearly see that the President is exercising his soul’s mission with humility, courage and benevolent choices. Please focus on the whole picture of why you are here and stop peeking through blinders that distort your vision. K. ^j^

  2. AuntInAZ says:

    You’re absolutely correct about the heavy burden President Obama must bear. People are conveniently forgetting how many different hats the President must wear, and how much is going on that he must deal with at any given time.

    However it’s also the case that most of his detractors are just being hypocrites. If a Republican were president the same people would be bashing anyone who criticized him and endlessly blaming the ‘liberal media’ for any words said against him, despite the fact the ‘liberal media’ really does NOT exist any longer. The disrespect I see being shown this man is unbelieveable at times. I don’t know why these detractors find it at all acceptable, but apparently they do.

  3. Jim McCauley says:

    I have never posted here at your site before. 1st off, I have enjoyed all of the posts here even though there are some of which I do not agree with. You post a hugely diverse theater of opinion, for which I again applaud you. I am left of Liberal Democrat, left of a Progressive, and so far left that I can nearly shake hands with the reactionary right as I come nearly full circle. The Promise of Obama was beautiful, the reality of his actions, in retrospect, are , in my opinion, in total lock-step with the neo- con that proceeded him. He has sold out I’m afraid as do all that reach that level in the government. I had hoped (in delusion) that it could have been different. My long standing belief, all of my adult life(I am 64) has been that the 2 party system is a total ruse. Money/corporations own the politicians. I would like to submit a link, to that end, from the “White hats”, which is alluded to by a number of your regular contributors, Ben Fulford and David Wilcock’s to name only two. Here is the link–Obama is not favored in any redeeming way.


    Thanks for all of your efforts and posts. J. M. Geezer

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