The 2012 Scenario, for all of Us…”I Declare the People’s Global (R)evolution”

This post is from Steve’s blog, The 2012 Scenario. It was so eloquently written and Forceful (full of Higher Force), it spoke directly to my heart, and, it seemed, from my heart (at the bottom of this post, you may read the full moon experience I had last July, which aligns with this post*). That is why I sense that it was written for all of us, by all of us.

This is a powerful declaration. Thank you, Steve.

I Declare the People’s Global (R)evolution

by Steve Beckow

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As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, with no allegiance to anyone but the people’s Sacred Self, I declare the People’s Global Revolution.

I declare the inherent freedom of every man, woman and child on Earth.

I declare the right of every soul alive to abundance, medical care, sustenance, religious freedom, education, and free choice in all matters open to them, in a transformed world.

I give voice to the planet’s desire for unity, peace, and harmony and the right of people everywhere to take back government from the hands of dictators, cabals, Illuminati, New World Orders, the military-industrial complex, the shadow states, theocracies, and any other extensions of humanity’s darker impulses.

I declare the dawn of sovereign independence on the planet.

I call upon the people of every nation to emulate the peaceful example of the Jasmine Revolution and the people of Egypt and Jordan. to come out in overwhelming numbers now, to hear the striking of the anvil for unity, peace, and freedom.

I call upon every suborned legislator, corrupted police official, dark military officer, and fraudulent financier to turn their hats around and join the people now in throwing off a planetary yoke that has oppressed the population of this planet for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

I call upon every honest legislator, uncorrupted police official, light-filled military officer, and honest financier to join together and offer themselves to form a new people’s peaceful government in every nation on Earth where it does not already exist.

I call upon the people to foregoe blame and bloodshed. I call upon everyone to make their voice heard peacefully.

I call upon the people not to be fooled if the weather should suddenly burst open with snow and hail, if rivers should flood, earthquakes and volcanoes erupt, triggered by HAARP, ultra-low-frequency, or scalar weapons.

I call upon the members of the press to take off their muzzles and refuse to report dire threats and disinformation emanating from the cabal and its black operatives, but instead to report events honestly and courageously.

I call upon everyone to awaken and take stock of what they can do to bring about a total collapse of the dark structures on this planet today and then do it.

Flower of Life

Now is the time to take back not just Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt, but Myanmar, Iran, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Ivory Coast, Iraq, Afghanistan, and every other country on Earth that is run or tainted by a cabal of dictators.

And in those countries like Great Britain and the United States, where shadow states, military-industrial complexes, dark families, Illuminati factions, and criminal enterprises hold sway, now is the time to identify them and overturn them.

Mohamed Bouazizi, the 26-year-old who set himself alight in Tunisia to protest corruption and oppression, gave his life for freedom. I nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize and hereby offer my life, also willing to die, unafraid of death, and unwilling to remain silent

Don’t let this moment pass. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the people are undisciplined, bloodthirsty, unmanageable, communistic, fascistic, ill-fit to rule and unable to prevail. The people will rule this world. The day of the people is here. The moment of the people is now.

Nelson Mandella, South Africa

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar

Liu Xia holding picture of Liu Xiaobo, China

Mohamed Bouazizi, Tunisia

Mohamed Bouazizi, Tunisia

Desmond Tutu, South Africa

Rigoberto Menchu, Guatemala

Barack Obama, U.S.A.


* Back in July, 2010, on the date of the full moon, I was drawn to perform a ceremony on the rocks near the ocean. A cloudy day, I had not seen any sun. At the moment of the full moon, I raised my arms to the sky and said something like this: “I declare all humanity to be provided with everything they need, for all time, for all people. I declare that all people on this planet are prospered. All people are cared for. All people have everything they need to live on this planet, in grace and joy. I declare this to be done, NOW!”

Just at that moment, the sun appeared and shone a ray of light directly onto my body, and the place where I had been standing. It stayed there for just a short time, and then disappeared. I knew that this declaration had been for all humanity, and that it had been heard, and completed.

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