Remarkable UFO Appearance at Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, 1-28-11…

I discovered these videos at The 2010 Scenario. They are remarkable, striking, and dramatic. I had to post them here. The images here are from screen shots I took from the third video. Top two are of the stationary light body, and the lower two were captured just as it was “zipping up” into the air.

These videos are from different angles. The craft is a light body, shape shifting. It descends down to directly above of the dome. There is flash of light (in the first and second videos) just before it zips up into the air. The third is a closeup, where you may clearly see the shape shifting.

We have seen many other videos during the last few months that show this same type of shape shifter. Usually they are colored. This one appears to be pure white.

What does it mean? What is it doing? I have not received that message yet. But clearly it is significant. Watch and be astounded by these videos!

First one is from a distance, the second appears to be a zoom-in of the first. The third is a closeup. Note the different languages and English dialects in the third one.

The viewing of this Light craft at this holy place gives new meaning to the phrase, “Holy Shit!” (from the 3rd video)

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