More Apocalypse, Anyone? Rich Dad, Poor Dad?…”Who’s getting rich off Rich Dad?”

Normally I will not post items on this blog about others who are trying to sell things. But I was somehow drawn to this ad that appeared on my Yahoo Mail page yesterday. This is a free event, supposedly given by Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I somehow sensed I would get some ideas and useful information from this, and also because  “Guidance told me to”, I decided to sign up… for the free seminar. And to get to meet Robert Kiyosaki. He should be there, shouldn’t he? After all, it’s his course.

So I sent this out to a few people, and received some replies, particularly from Beverly, who is a very astute young woman (in her 70’s (or maybe her 50’s, because that’s what she looks like!)) that often researches things like this on the internet. She sent several links that said this was only a class which attempts to get you into another 3-day class, costing $500, which in turn is intended to get you into some of “his” courses, which can run into the multi-thousand $ range. And that many were “unhappy” or “disappointed” in the $500 class they got “hooked into.”

Now I know Mr. Kiyosaki, have heard him speak, and have read his book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which very much helped open up my mind to “practical” economics, namely, what is an “asset”, what income sources set you up for more freedom in your life, and so on. All very good. But one of the links I was sent is to a video report by CBC Marketplace in early 2010, which was very illuminating about the $500, 3-day, class.

Who’s getting rich off Rich Dad?

Clearly many people were disillusioned after attending this class. Attendees appear to be treated rather gruffly by one of the instructors. Now, I do not believe that Mr. Kiyosaki intended “his” seminars to be like this. But when he is interviewed (at approx. 16:45), toward the end of the video, he hems and haws and tries to explain away the complaints about these seminars. But note a moment of truth at the end, where he explains, almost under his breath, that he has been trying to get the company that is presenting these seminars to change their ways.

And as far as meeting Mr Kiyosaki at “his” workshops, classes, you won’t, for when you link to his education workshop site, in the very fine print way at the bottom, it says, “Robert Kiyosaki will not attend this event.” This page lists Tigrent Learning as the company which actually provides the classes, and the video names Whitney International. So perhaps some of the problems lie with them.


I point out this situation because it illustrates the period of Earth’s evolution which we are in. We Are In the Time of “Apocalypse”, or “unveiling”, or “uncovering”. There are many, many, unveilings occurring these days. Even highly-regarded “gurus” like Mr. Kiyosaki are being exposed. Recall the origins of that word:

a·poc·a·lypse [uh-pok-uh-lips]
1125–75; ME < LL apocalypsis < Gk apokálypsis revelation, equiv. to apokalýp ( tein ) to uncover, reveal (apo- apo- + kalýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis -sis [from]

To me, this is another example of doing anything and following any course, just for the money… to make money, for the love of the money, for the sake of making money. All falling apart, folks.

And this idea of “Getting Rich”, as these classes seem to center on, is simply to make money. Why are all of the classes like this dissolving? Because they focus on a system that is dissolving. The entire fiat currency system that this planet has been using, is failing, and falling, apart.

Yet as the Poof message, and many other communications, including messages I have received, tell us that we are at the verge of a completely new system, where all in the world are supported, and financed, and loved. The system is to become a system of Love, that supports Love, and that encourages Love, of each person, each hue-man, each animal, each plant, and of our Earth.

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