John Glenn Discloses UFO Presence on 2001 “Frasier” Show… (and a few more Astronaut-ical Tales)

This is a bit off my “beaten” path, but I was exploring some pages on David Wilcock’s site,, and I found this page about a “Frasier” show, on which Senator (astronaut) John Glenn had appeared. I was perked, for some reason. Here are some of David’s comments about the show.

“The entire plot of the show was designed to support John Glenn’s appearance.

“Fraser was jealous of John Glenn and felt competitive about sharing airtime on the radio. In the pivotal scene, Fraser and a female character were arguing with each other inside of an isolated sound room while Glenn faced the camera directly and delivered the above soliloquy. The entire scene had a very strange, non-comedic feeling, and seemed to have nothing to do with what the rest of the show was about. After Glenn finished delivering the speech, he returned to the control room where Frasier and the woman were arguing. At this point he realizes that he was being taped, and says that he needs to take the tape; he was unaware that he was being recorded and this information “can’t get out to the public.”

“Thus, it appears that public comedy — things the common people are relating to — is one of the main vehicles through which the disclosure is finally being realized.”

Here are 3 photos from the video clip. The video is below the photos. Click to view the photos. To view the video, click once, or double-click to view in a separate window.

John Glenn on Frasier 5

John Glenn on Frasier 6, How those UFOs Flew

John Glenn on Frasier 7, Taking the Tape

Here are some more astronaut UFO discussions.

A number of other astronauts have discussed viewing UFOs during space flight. Edgar Mitchell is likely the most outspoken. I know there are others. Many are very likely still hiding what they know for fear of retaliation. But here are three who have spoken out. [note that David Wilcock, in an extensively researched article, points out that we on Earth have been in placed in a “quarantine”, which keeps negative ETs out, and us, in. Apparently we may leave, but only with permission.(1). Also hear the radio show (2)]

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Talks About UFOs

Edgar Mitchell UFO interview on Kerrang Radio 23 july 2008

US Astronaut Buzz Aldrin explains [away an] Apollo XI UFO sighting
(as he explains it away… watch his face… the ‘false’ smile… I sense that he is “fibbing”)



1. From David’s article:


As one key example of THE RULES, our Earth is under a ‘Quarantine’ that prevents most ETs from being able to enter our airspace in a way that would be visible to the naked eye — except in rare, unpredictable and brief bursts of time.

This is the main reason why we don’t see more visible UFOs — particularly in the case of negatively-oriented ETs. In fact, without this Quarantine, negative ETs would have invaded and taken over this planet eons ago.

This Quarantine also appears to allow those planetary controllers here on Earth to do whatever they want. Or so they thought.

The Quarantine is maintained by a vast network of super-advanced, indestructible satellites surrounding the Earth — built by very high-level ETs. These satellites keep humanity locked in — and everyone else locked out.

The insiders do not know who built these satellites, nor precisely why they are there. It’s simply another part of THE RULES.

When you view the patches of US Space Command or Navy Space Command, they picture the Earth surrounded by two circles, similar to the typical depiction of electron orbitals around an atom.

This symbolizes the Quarantine — which protects us from the bad guys.

2. On this Myth or Logic Radio Show, David explains The Quarantine, and other aspects of space travel.

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