Update on the California Non-Earthquake Non-Catastrophic Non-Event…

CA Quake map 12/29/10 1208 PST

CA Quake map 01/02/11 1802 PST

What happened????? Absolutely (almost) nothing…

Late last month, we saw predictions of  dire (meaning, “BIG”) and destructive earthquakes in California (see About “Predictions of CA Quake and HI Event for Dec. 28-29″, and related, Message from the Galactic Cosmic Christ Councils of Light, and SaLuSa: We Lessen Overall Volcanic Activity (Repost) (from The 2012 Scenario)).

Well, I can tell you that many of us were not surprised when very little of consequence occurred during Dec. 28-30. You can see from the maps, that nothing was detected even above a 3-4 magnitude. So if something were to have happened, it was definitely ameliorated (English 401 word for “made better”). I do not sense anyone was hoping that major quakes would happen, but it was clear to most of my “sources”, including myself, that whatever adjustments needed to occur, would be carried out in a much milder and (sorry, Hollywood and mainstream media) less dramatic way.

I post this from Salusa’s October 6, 2010, message.

Bear in mind that some of the big events may be preceded by more chaos and turmoil. There is much of the old that clings on and must be removed. It is not always possible to do so without considerable inconvenience to you. However, all such occurrences shall be short lived because of our participation.

You might reflect upon the fact that as a result, physical changes to the Earth have not been anywhere near as apocalyptic as some have predicted. Our abilities are such that we have already prevented you from destroying the Earth, and lessened the overall volcanic activity.

Furthermore, we have kept it stable and in balance, as at times its wobble has become too extreme. Our brief has been one of ensuring that the cycle ends as decreed. Ascension is far too important to be aborted by a group of negative Beings, bent on achieving world control for their own power.

There is another point in his message that is helpful, I believe, and that is

We shall lead because the operations that are concerning Earth, shall require advanced understanding and knowledge that is presently beyond you. However, we will share such information and invite some of you to take an active part in the proceedings. We want you to quickly lift up to our levels of knowledge, as you do have a mind that is capable of comprehending advanced technology.

I believe the Galactics did assuage this event. And to those of you who received “such information” and did indeed “take an active part” in this remediation, many many thanks.

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