Denise Le Fay… 1-1-11 and The Year of 11′s

I wanted to post this by Denise Le Fay in part because I found a 2009 ascension symptoms article by Denise on Steve’s site, which led me to this, and, in part, because it resonated with some of my own first 2011 post, Let’s Get This Straight…. More or less, that piece expressed some my “I’m done with the old paradigm and ready for the new one…now” frustration.

“…it is with… all those who work with Higher dimensional beings and groups and ships that I will be. And we all wish to be with those beings, on that level in that Higher dimension. Whether we know it or not. Energy is what we are and the only “stuff” we can really share.” Kauilapele

And from what I get from Denise’ article, this is where 2011 is taking us.

“The astrological transits and 11 numbers are interrelated energies working to help us all exit the old dying patriarchal timeline reality and exist fully within our new ascended one.” Denise Le Fay


January 1, 2011…1-1-11 & The Year of 11′s

Our first clue that 2011 is going to be dramatically different from the past decade is that New Year’s day is a 1-1-11 day!

” 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral of evolution.”

” 11:11 — The bridge or transitional zone between the old energy world of duality, and the New Energy world of Oneness.”

I don’t know who wrote those sentences but I do know how true they are. The 11:11 and 1:11 and 11, 111, 1111′s we’ve seen for many years are both energetic triggers and visual reminders indicating we’re completing and ascending/evolving out of one VERY long spiral of massive Universal evolution, and crossing a colossal frequency threshold throughout 2011 to enter a VERY new one.

Every time I see 11:11 and 1:11 I feel those numbers as energy pillars we must pass through to exit the realm of 3D polarity and enter a higher unified dimension and level of being and reality. January 1, 2011 (1-1-11) this Alchemical Ascension Process begins in a new and vastly more compressed way…for all of humanity.

Most everything from around the 1987 Harmonic Convergence has been lived and anchored by the 3D incarnate Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers. However, with the start of the 1-1-11 energies on New Year’s day 2011, this species and planetary Ascension Process will seemingly suddenly begin for the rest of humanity and external world to a degree it hasn’t so far. That is both exciting and rather disturbing. Things will change much more dramatically and quickly throughout 2011 because everyone—at their different levels—will be living through the monthly numbered stair steps (1, 11, 1-11, 11-11) of 2011 to finally reach that higher “spiral of evolution”.

I was a teenager during the 1960′s—graduated from high school in 1970, one year after the “Summer of Love” and Woodstock—and I vividly remember the intensity, the wild Uranian energies, creativity and consciousness, the horrible violence, mass rebellions, love and peace, fear and hatred that was that time. 2011 is a higher octave of what began during the 1960′s with the help of some but not all of the “hippies”—aka First Wave Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/”System Busters”—and those incredible astrological transits back then. This alone should help people grasp how really big, important, crazy yet wonderful 2011 is going to be. “It is the best of times and the worst of times.”

The very first day of 2011 is clearly and powerfully informing us that the entire year is going to be profoundly different from previous decades that have led up to this monumental species and planetary transition through the energetic eye of the needle (the 11′s and 11-11′s and the 11-11-11). This potent 1-1-11 start energy of 2011 is very much what transiting Uranus and Jupiter in Aries AND Saturn in the opposite sign of Libra is all about too. The astrological transits and 11 numbers are interrelated energies working to help us all exit the old dying patriarchal timeline reality and exist fully within our new ascended one.

Here’s what I’ve perceived and seen in my Higher Mind’s Eye lately about the progression and current compression of the entire Ascension Process.

1. January 1999 through December 2009 was a decade of year-by-year unfolding of the Ascension process
2. 2010 was a greatly compressed seasonal/quarterly (spring, summer, fall, winter) unfolding
3. 2011 will be an even more compressed month-by-month unfolding
4. 2012 is still fluctuating but it will be the final 12 months for everyone to land in The New Land.

It took the First and Second Wave Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers the entire past decade to prepare, transmute, bulldoze and Pave the Way energetically for constantly increasing amounts of Multi-D Light Energies to enter 3D Earth and once again be available to humanity. What started out requiring a full decade to carry out increased dramatically on 1-1-2010 into compressed three-month-long seasonal phases of experiencing, integrating and then proceeding on into the next season’s scheduled transformations. With 1-1-2011 the process will continue compressing and unfolding, but now on a monthly basis. Obviously this will be faster than anything any of us have experienced so far within the entire Ascension Process.

1, 11, 11-11, 1-11, 11-11-11

I want to describe what I’ve seen in my Higher Mind’s Eye about 2011—the year of 11′s. It’s both a linear month-by-month unfolding process but it’s simultaneously a quantum event. I saw this information visually as a 2011 calendar with each month quickly unfolding into the next month and the next. Each month had both the 1 and 11 days highlighted. The 22nd day of each month was also highlighted because they’ll be a third harmonic higher octave of the single, double, and triple 1′s and 11′s throughout the year. I haven’t listed each of them below, but do keep them in mind/heart as a triangular “triality” or third evolved state beyond polarity type frequency that will build month-by-month throughout the year like quickly walking up energy stair steps.

1. January 1, 2011………1-1-11 energies
2. Jan. 11, 2011…………..1-11-11
3. Feb. 1, 2011…………….2-1-11
4. Feb. 11, 2011…………..2-11-11
5. March 1, 2011…………3-1-11
6. March 11, 2011……….3-11-11
7. April 1, 2011…………..4-1-11
8. April 11, 2011………….4-11-11
9. May 1, 2011…………….5-1-11
10. May 11, 2011…………..5-11-11
11. June 1, 2011……………6-1-11
12. June 11, 2011………….6-11-11
13. July 1, 2011…………….7-1-11
14. July 11, 2011…………..7-11-11
15. Aug. 1, 2011……………8-1-11
16. Aug. 11, 2011………….8-11-11
17. Sept. 1, 2011……………9-1-11
18. Sept. 11, 2011…………..9-11-11
19. Oct. 1, 2011……………..10-1-11
20. Oct. 11, 2011……………10-11-11
21. Nov. 1, 2011…………….11-1-11
22. Nov. 11, 2011…………..11-11-11
23. Dec. 1, 2011……………..12-1-11
24. Dec. 11, 2011……………12-11-11

The unfolding numbered months (1 Jan., 2 Feb., 3 March, 4 April) are intimately involved in delivering the 2011 single, double and triple (1, 2, 3 “triality” or above two polarity energy) 11′s that we’ll quickly be living and moving through month-by-month throughout the year. There will be no down time or rest periods during 2011; there will be increasing moments when we’re able to enter the ascended, mystical, quantum “Now Moment” where we just are and just know. But those brief higher awareness quantum Now Moments will be followed by more unusual vibrational, portal-like experiences and compressed linear time that each of the unfolding 11′s stair steps will produce. (I won’t even go into the incredible and super potent astrological sign changes that start in the beginning months of 2011! The 2011 astrological transits are going to make the 1960′s look like the preparatory years that they were.)

It’s hard for me to accurately and satisfactorily express this knowing information in a linear written form when it’s really quantum AND seemingly linear. One aspect of us (by us I mean the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/and now Indigos) will perceive each month of 2011 as a linear unfolding process that increases, builds, expands and quickens tremendously each month. However, we’ll simultaneously perceive much of 2011 like a quiet, motionless, vacuum-packed, almost sensual “daydream” or surreal blissful “fantasy”. So far this is what existing in that non-polarized, higher third unified level feels like. Other moments of 2011 will very much be those glaring, screaming, crazy WTF double and triple-take moments where we briefly become lost within the great linear/quantum Multi-D Ascension Process. Other periods will be painful and difficult just as they’ve been for the past twelve years. The aches and pains will diminish incrementally as we move through all this, but don’t expect to jump immediately from one polarized, painful state instantly into a totally pain-free one. All this Ascension stuff must occur in incremental energetic stair steps and not in such an extreme polarized way. It would kill us instantly if it did so. I know we all want the pain and insanity to end, and it will, and we’re getting there fast now, but we’ve got some impressive ground to cover first. 2011 will be very fast so the pain will probably be intense (but what’s new about that?) but thankfully short-lived. Hang in there and know it will end.

We’ll be activated by the 1-1-11 energies and immediately enter a very new level and phase of personal and planetary Lightwork and Service work. One of the aspects of this is that we’re going to quickly learn to make every thought count (our Higher Minds/High Heart Consciousness) and be exactly what WE want them to be (Individual Conscious Creating and Group Co-Creating). No more careless, thoughtless mental wandering back down into dark places and subjects of an old lower frequency nature. We’ve evolved to that point where our High Heart-based thoughts (our Higher Minds) have become Conscious Manifestation Tools. It’s time for us to be mindful of our minds, conscious of our consciousness and what it is and isn’t creating.

Aries is the first (1) sign of the zodiac and is all about the individual, the self. Aquarius is the eleventh (11) sign of the zodiac and has to do with the Group. 11 also has to do with individual (1) Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers and their creating anew to help both humanity and the non-physical Beings—the Group (11). Aquarius (11) is an AIR sign which means mental, which means humanity is entering an astrological Age, energy, and spiritual learning that has to do with its Mental Body. The past Age of Pisces was a WATER sign which means emotional, and during the Piscean Age humanity was quite effectively controlled and manipulated through its Emotional Body. Responsibility of our Individual and Group Higher Minds and thoughts have become the new focal points and tools for our ascended selves and matching world reality. The elite have long known this new Aquarian Age and change from the Emotional Body to the Mental Body was coming, so they shifted to continue controlling humanity but now through its Mental Body which is why they desperately want your consciousness focused on what they want it focused on! Piscean Age oil and human emotions and their Emotional Bodies is no longer the primary fuel source; consciousness, thoughts, mind, mental focus and plugging into humanity’s Mental Bodies is.

Now that humanity’s Emotional Bodies are slipping away from the claws of global Church & State systems, the elite swiftly shifted over to negative and lowly Aquarian Age high-tech type tools to capture, control and effectively hook into our Mental Bodies to prevent humanity from utilizing the current available Ascension Energies. Do you know where your thoughts are? Are you using them or is someone else to make a couple bucks? Or is some vampiric machine sucking your mental energies to fuel itself, or is some Dark other-dimensional something using specific lower frequency thoughts and emotions as a food source? This negative Dark shit will happen only if you allow it…so don’t! If you’re reading this I know you won’t have much of a problem taking full conscious responsibility for your thoughts, mind, Higher Mind, and Mental Body developments. Just be aware that your mind, thoughts and mental focus is the powerful new Aquarian Age fuel source to literally Consciously Create…or unconsciously create…and/or have Dark Others steal and use for themselves to create what they want. Our new ascended responsibilities are many-fold and multidimensional.

1-1-11 is a potent activation for both Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers, and finally the Indigos, and mass humanity (see the stair steps here?). It’s also a clue about how all of 2011 is going to be a phase like nothing anyone anywhere has ever experienced before. The Light has fully returned and is running the Show believe it or not, the Dark is reluctantly retreating while trying to grab as much of everything and everyone as it possibly can on its way down and out, and 2011 is when we move through the biggest transition so far within the Ascension Process. 1-1-11…let’s pay attention as we pass through the monthly multiple 11′s and get The Job completed. We’re ahead of schedule, well within budget, and Multi-D Upper Management is more than impressed. Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the very fast year of 11′s.


Copyright © 2011 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and TRANSITIONS link.

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