Kp Radio Hawai’i… “Late Night with Kp 9-18-14″

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All about the energies, sovereignty, and some of which I forgot. Oh, yes, and about the next show will interview Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin, who is working with the Kingdom of Hawai’i, and has assisted in many Hawai’i-related issues in the past

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[Kp note: my apologies for the funny sound of my voice on this show (and probably others too). I think it has to do with my microphone. I'm going to be checking into a different mic system.]

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 9-15-14… “The Nazionists are losing, Europe is surrendering, Japan is close to revolution”

benjamin_fulford_smile_smirk86To those who may be experiencing a “problem” with Ben’s statements about the “Dalai Lama” (and I’m not putting out any judgement here), here is a video where Webster Tarpley describes how this figurehead is and has been on the CIA payroll, and is not what he is portrayed as by the Western “Hollywood” media.

Personally, I do not put faith or belief at all in any person who is viewed as “guru” by millions as a spiritual “savior”. But then again, I have no opinion whatsoever about any of this. My Eternal Essence is in and from ME… not from any “Dalai” I’ve heard of (Dalai Lama, Dolly Parton, Salvador Dali).


The Nazionists are losing, Europe is surrendering, Japan is close to revolution
Posted by benjamin, September 15, 2014

That school yard taunt “liar liar, pants on fire,” pretty well describes how the world views what passes as government in the United States, Israel and their few colonies. Nobody believes their tall tales about aliens, ebola, beheadings, race riots, airplane shoot downs etc. They have lost the ability to manipulate world events.

The clearest sign of the imminent defeat of the Nazionists came in Europe last week. On September 10th Russia reduced gas supplies to Europe, on the 11th the US announced new sanctions and on the 12th the EU indefinitely postponed a free trade agreement with the Ukraine. The free trade agreement with the Ukraine was supposedly the reason for the fascist coup that took place there, so postponing it indefinitely looks very much like the EU surrendering to Russia. Furthermore, the new US sanctions hurt Exxon and BP, companies vital to the US economy, far more than they hurt Russia.

The P2 Freemason lodge is saying they have already reached an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to reform the current world political structure in order to make it more fair and inclusive to the people of the planet. They say the obstacle to this goal is the rogue US corporate government.

The British government, for its part, has reacted to the situation by agreeing to issue the first ever Renminbi denominated government bond issued outside of China.

This is equivalent to the UK making a public repudiation of the Federal Reserve Board debt slavery instrument misnamed as the US dollar.

Also, last week the Nazis and Mossad both reactivated agents who had gone dormant since the March 11, 2011 nuclear/tsunami attack on Japan and sent them to negotiate with the White Dragon Society. Meetings will take place this week but the WDS is only interested in talking if they are here to negotiate surrender.

In a sign the Nazionists are very worried about a 311 war crimes tribunal, the self-described illuminati agent “Alexander Romanov” was forcibly taken into a mental hospital last week. Doctors are trying to convince his family to allow him to be lobotomized or undergo a chemically induced brain wipe, family members say. “Romanov” warned the Australian embassy in Tokyo, the Japanese police and the media before 311 that Japan was going to be hit with nuclear terror. He even told them the exact location of the nuclear bomb that ended up being used in the attack. His warnings were ignored and now the Koganei, Tokyo, police are trying to destroy his mind to prevent him from testifying about their involvement in this mass murder.
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Preston James VT 9-17-14… “PuppetGate”

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_9This is (in my mind) an excellent summary of the “puppet system” we are currently observing in this so-called “United States of America”, the Federal Reserve, and how Leo Wanta and Ronald Reagan tried to get the US back on a fiat-free track.

This was posted by Preston, but the bulk is written by Lon Gibby.




Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Recently a quite detailed snapshot into how the USG functions in secret has emerged incidental to the efforts of **Ambassador Lee Wanta to gain access to Trillions of Dollars which have been confirmed to be his personal property. This Xray view into the inner workings of the Secret Shadow Government occurred in response to the efforts of Ambassador Lee Wanta to collect the Trillions of US Dollars that were awarded to him by a Federal Court.

This vast amount of money is the proceeds of what Lee Wanta earned honestly engaging in major currency speculation as President Ronald Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine. Ambassador Wanta’s mission as assigned by President Reagan was to bring an end to the Cold War by destabilizing the Soviet Union’s monetary system, while at the same time offering them a win/win solution that was too good to refuse, which they actually did accept.

History will show that the the Soviet leaders accepted Ambassador Wanta’s proposal and signed an historic Agreement of General Cooperation between the newly formed Russian Federation and the United States of America which is still binding even today.

This was a major historic breakthrough that was kept secret from the public at large until just recently. This General Agreement of Cooperation is historically notable because it ended the Cold War with an economic win/win situation and resulted in the Wall (“Iron Curtain”) coming down which had separated East and west Berlin, East and West Germany, and other Soviet Satellite countries from the free nations of the West.

What has never been public information until lately is that these efforts of Ambassador Wanta have been credited for the end of the Cold War while preventing what seemed to be an almost imminent nuclear WW3 between Soviet Russia and the United States of America. This was a major historical achievement for the United States that Lee Wanta attained and if a Criminal Cabal had not blocked efforts by Lee Wanta to access money which was rightfully his, America would likely have never entered the numerous dysfunctional Mid East Wars and experienced such serious economic declines, especially the recession of 2008 and the lack of real recovery afterwards.
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VT “Tech Exposure”, Jeff Smith, 9-17-14… “NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology”

vt_atomic_energy_commission[Kp note: there is a related VT article here, "Einsteins Theory on Magnetic Buoyancy".]

Okay, I have no idea who wrote this, but I presume it’s Jeff Smith, although it’s posted under Gordon Duff’s name. Whoever put it together, well, I found it fascinating. I wrote this comment to it:

“This, to me, is most fascinating information. Or as a take off on what one commenter says, “What appealing INformation!!” As a teenager type, I read as much as I could about the history of the space programs, from Oberth, to Goddard, to von Braun, and all associated technology. I appreciated this information, which I see as part of the “exposure” of the “UFO technology”, which may or may not have been ET-assisted.

“I’m always cautious about “the UFOs”, as many I see as simply high-tech Earth-researched-and-based, or possibly ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles), as Stephen Greer has written about.

“Anyway, the application of Thorium described here is completely new to me.

“Thanks again for exposing all of this.”

So here’s a highlight or two…

“All chemical companies who managed and all government chemical engineers who directed programs for the production of nuclear materials and components have left the US government. It has lost the ability to produce most nuclear materials and components for weapons and assess the ability of other nations to do so.

“…The current generation of so called rocket scientist don’t know how to go to the library and read old books. They think that anything that predates them is old hat and of no value.

“According to Dornberger, Von Braun and Larry Bell this is how they solved the problems with Apollo. IE the dirty little secrets that they kept from us, Sorry I mean NASA… Its called Thorium technology and Magnetic Buoyancy Technology. The stuff that UFO’s are made of. When Thorium is used as a coating on rocket motors or heat shields it does three things:…

“The function of the external thorium coating on the space craft is to act as a heat shield on re-entry and when excited by an external neutron generator it throws off massive amounts of radiation that pushes back the magnetic field lines of the UFO creating artificial magnetic buoyancy around the space craft. This is called an “Einstein gravity well’ or an artificial worm hole and his theories confirm it.”


NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO and the History of Lost Technology

NASA, Bob Lazar’s UFO, Thorium, Lime Light, Ball Lightning and the history of lost technology

“This early type of magnetic buoyancy system works in the vacuum of outer space by displacing the magnetic field lines producing magnetic buoyancy or an anti-gravity effect.”

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Office of Poofness 9-17-14… “Mid-Week Report”… “The Zapper Got Zapped”… “ZAP is Healing”

poofness_office_of_73This is a time when we can all help out those who are bringing these messages to us… Read on… (there IS news here, towards the bottom).


Greetings and Salutations:

The Zapper Got Zapped

Greetings All:

I have the not-so fun, even dubious distinction of advising readers of a heart attack which Uncle Zap recently experienced. Between the mantles of responsibility carried, the gentleman quitting smoking, and the full gauntlet of working through all the world’s concerns at his door, yes the man had a heart attack. Last Friday as it turns out, Zap and I were out over some birthday celebrations and during a motion picture, in a local movie theatre, Zap had a coronary event called a heart attack.

He has since been fully examined in one of our fine Canadian hospitals Sunday night *wink *wink…and it was determined that while still serious, his heart attack may have had some minor damage done to it none the less. One source tells me that after people have recently quit smoking, like Zap just has after such a long extended period of time, that these kinds of events are quite normal, and yes it happened.

Zap has been resting mostly over the last few days and unfortunately his breathing has become quite labored of late and he does need some assistance in bringing those conditions to an end.

To help keep the reports going and the health of the man stable, which we all pray continue praying for of course, I am now kindly asking for your help and assistance monetarily in seeing the needed support and alternative therapies implemented on Zap’s behalf straightaway. Any and all contributions are graciously welcomed.

Zap being the kind and gentle soul that he is, does not want mere handouts, and has advised me that any and all contributors will be returned, once the Zapster is back in full combat gear, that he fully intends to return any and all such monies to those that have helped him. Susan will be collecting the names of all those who help, such that their monies can be returned to them, along with an autographed picture of a purple pig, which you will get in your email along with a note thanking you for your kind efforts, AND get ready, a coupon for 10% off on all “Purple Pig” memorabilia going forward. And wait till you see that….

Zap has been kinda cookoo over purple pigs and I’m trying to sneak one in for him. In a time of stress, worry, anticipation, high anxiety and fear, Zap has at times provided a guiding light that many have come to find comfort in. We all hope that he, his body and his spirits are all on the mend as we all look forward to the full justice and recompense which will soon be upon the world financially. Something we all continue to pray for.

May God bless you all and your families, during these exciting times,
Silver Surfer -Silver for short…

Please go to……account to send to is: …if
there is a problem please contact the office. …and Prayers are always received with much appreciation.

Thank you, Susan
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KP Message 9-17-14… “Flowing with it”

IMG_8377.JPGThis is a time when it seems all I know are being called to stay flexible. Fluid. “In the flow.” (and all that metaphysical kind of stuff).

There’s a few I know that are experiencing the call to remain that way… flexible.

The Divine (whatever that means) Feminine (whatever that means) is coming into the planet very strongly right now. It is MANifesting, no WO-MAN-ifesting, with an intensity that I’ve personally never experienced before. It’s coming into and through the planet, into and through the male bodied ones, into and through the female bodied ones, into and through the animals, into and through the plants, into and through every single “country” region, on this Gaia Being.

Don’t like it? Well, then, just “fluidize” yourself. Allow yourself to be fluid. Flow with it.

We’ll all get there, wherever that is, if we remain fluid.

Aloha, KP

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GaiaPortal 9-17-14… “Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness”

gaiaportal_logo74When I “ranted” in the last post, “I’m ready for the New Paradigm… TODAY DAMMIT!!!”, maybe this GaiaPortal was an answer.


Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness

Elements of dissolution favor Gaia’s growth into Higher Consciousness.

Such elements have continually been seeded into corrupted Gaia energy grid structures during the past millennium, and, at a highly elevated rate, during the past seven months, and will continue at accelerated pace for the remainder of this calendar year.

Dissolution of old paradigm grid structures must occur prior to attainment of full awareness, necessary for ascension.

hu-manity overall consciousness advancement has slowed during the past months, however, this is soon to change, and rapid acceleration is expected shortly.

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A Few VT Articles I found “interesting”… and a Note… and a Kp Rant…

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Kp notes and RANT first (links are below this rant): Particularly for the last link, but also for the “nuclear” one, I mean, there’s times when I feel like the planet goes about all of this “steal land and kill … Continue reading


[From 2013... as a reminder] Big Victory! UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up! [WTC 7] I believe this news has been out there for a bit, but to me it is all a part of the 9-11 unveiling. Below the video notes is another video that shows pre-explosions from the controlled demolition of WTC … Continue reading

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Just in Case you NEED some Tech… “iPhone 6 and 6 Plus | Hands On” Also see these links, and their videos:

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Cobra Update 9-16-14… “A New Planetary Situation Update”

This gallery contains 7 photos.

This is a significant posting by Cobra, as it unveils increasingly more information about the Chimera group, their UFO detection grid and anti-UFO/ET-awareness measures, and the Jesuits attempting to turn any “global financial reset” to their own advantage. This will … Continue reading

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These Energies (dammit!!)… Here’s an Aisha North that may help… and “The Cosmic Equin-AX”

This gallery contains 1 photo.

I’ve never posted an Aisha, and I know nothing about her (him?). All I’ll say is that I was looking within, and realized that these energies and the compressiveness, the tiring out-ingness, the “what the hell am I going through … Continue reading

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F. William Engdahl, VT 9-15-14… “NEO – China Shale Gas Strategy a Fiasco” or “How do you say ‘No more Fracking’ in Chinese?”

This gallery contains 1 photo.

This is another article showing the NON-benefits of fracking. This time in China. And Washington (DC) may have been behind encouraging China to do this? How surprising (yeah, right)! More exposure about this Gaia-unfriendly process… and about the USA CORP’s … Continue reading

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You May be Experiencing “the Current Energies” if you look like this…

This gallery contains 1 photo.

No words necessary…


140915 Kona Waves from Java…

. I sensed people should see this, and enjoy.


Ken O’Keefe Dares To Say What Others Do Not I’ve heard this person before, but somehow found this a great “drive it home” message for this now moment. Found at Jean Haines site.


Comments (so far) by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford’s Latest Article…

It’s early in the day, so David may have more later. But here’s what he’s got so far. ————————————————————————— [David] Wow… caught this one quick! Lots going on right now. I have so much work to do launching my second … Continue reading


Benjamin Fulford 9-15-14… “The Nazionists are losing, Europe is surrendering, Japan is close to revolution”

This gallery contains 1 photo.

The Nazionists are losing, Europe is surrendering, Japan is close to revolution Posted by benjamin, September 15, 2014 That school yard taunt “liar liar, pants on fire,” pretty well describes how the world views what passes as government in the … Continue reading

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Why “Scotland Independence Now” is Important… VIDEO “Knight’s Templar, Scotland and Mysticism with Hugh Gilbert” Kp note: This video delves into the spiritual, energetic aspects which Scotland and her coming independence represents (found this at Video notes: Published on Sep 12, 2014 Independence in Scotland, the mystical roots of the country and intervention … Continue reading

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Alfred L. Webre 9-14-14… “Rafapal: Global reset & Iraqi Dinar revaluation starting; End of Fed Dollar & return to U.S. Treasury dollar, BRICS currency; Wanta Gold (collateral accounts) coming”

This gallery contains 1 photo. This was sent to me by Ginger. I felt that this supported other news items, e.g., from Poofness, et al. At the very least, listening to the video gives another person’s explanation of all that is occurring on the … Continue reading

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Tonight’s Sunset Skies over Kona

Image | Posted on by

Office of Poofness 9-14-14… “Grace”


“[Poof] The magic that all have been waiting for is within grasp of the ones who are at the forefront to make it all come together. We are happy to report that we see much occurring that should please all your spirits.



[As before, music video and lyrics are at the end of this post.]


Greetings and Salauations:

POOF SAID: “The times are not what you think. The chess pieces continue to be moved around. There are some heavy handed moves being attempted. They will not be successful. The cheers for those who are working for the higher good need to be heard. There are many — very many who are doing the heavy lifting. Pay attention to all of the news that surfaces. It will ultimately be good but there is no way to assure any one of that for the moment. Just know that we have not come this far to drop the ball now.The times they are a’changing; the news coming through the cyber connections is all good. The magic that all have been waiting for is within grasp of the ones who are at the forefront to make it all come together. We are happy to report that we see much occurring that should please all your spirits….P…





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Kevin Barrett 9-14-14… “9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers”

veterans_today_kevin_barrett_banner_5[KP note: first posting of this had no title, so I've re-posted.]

There were a few items in this Kevin Barrett article that I felt tuned in to. Here are those highlights.

“Oddly (and libelously) Commentary falsely attributed my “Arrest Kissinger” article to the government of Iran! They even seemed to suggest that the US should break off nuclear negotiations and go to war with Iran because those mean & nasty Iranian leaders had published such an evil anti-Kissinger, anti-neocon article.

“It’s telling that Commentary felt the need to squeal so senselessly about my Kissinger piece. The neocons, its seems, are getting more and more desperate. They know they are on the ropes.

“The sea change in public opinion “after Gaza” was on full display at yesterday’s Fighting Bob Fest, the Midwest’s premiere left-populist get-together. There were two – count ‘em – 9/11 truth tables: Mine, representing the Sifting and Winnowing club; and Tom Spellman’s representing Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Together, we hit festival-goers with a one-two punch of truth that left them reeling.

“…Ruff is fighting a losing battle. It seemed like half the crowd was wearing Gaza pins; not one of the huge number of people I spoke with doubted that 9/11 was an inside job; and virtually nobody I talked to about the Zionist lobby and its 9/11 coup d’état disputed or criticized what I was telling them.

“The audience wildly cheered Hedges’ brilliant pro-Gaza rant as well as his call for revolution. Such a thing could never have happened just a few years ago – least of all in the heavily-Zionist-influenced Madison, Wisconsin area.

“My impression is that a lot of the pro-Gaza people these days are Jewish – especially younger Jewish people who are put off or even revolted by the lockstep Zionism of their elders. All in all, the Zionists are looking more and more like dinosaurs bloated with money and power and teeth and political muscle, roaring out their attempts to intimidate younger and newer and smarter life forms, and approaching the edge of extinction.”


9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Fight Bob Fest 2009: Allen Ruff caught on video punching a guy for wearing an "Israel Did 9/11" T-shirt...which inspired this new T-shirt designIf this were a boxing match, the “9/11 Truth & Palestine” team just won a TKO.

It happened yesterday at Fighting Bob Fest, the annual get-together of over 1,000 progressive and populist activists in Baraboo, Wisconsin. That triumph mirrored the larger victory of the past three months, during which the Zionists dug their own grave by pointlessly brutalizing Gaza in full public view, while 9/11 truth forces landed punch after punch during the run-up to the 13th anniversary.
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Gordon Duff VT 9-14-14… “VT Nuclear Education: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Atom Smasher”

veterans_today_gordon_duff_banner_19This article describes a LENR, “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction that could be focused in one direction.” However, LENR also describes what many call “cold fusion”, which has been demonstrated, as I understand.

Tom Bearden (I met Tom in person in Huntsville, in 2003… amazing young mind in a slightly older body) told me about this mechanism for LENR (cold fusion) which is what I first thought this article would be about when I saw the phrase, “Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”. Anyway, this article by Tom Bearden points out:

“In a transient fluctuation zone, reactions can and do run backwards. In 1999 the present author [i] noted that, in such a zone, the law of attraction and repulsion of charged particles could potentially be reversed, at least momentarily. This meant that, in a transient fluctuation zone, like charges could momentarily attract, because of the Coulomb barrier changing to a Coulomb attractor.”

“In July 2002 Wang et al. [i] experimentally proved that such reversal zones can occur for cubic micron level and for up to two seconds. A cubic micron of water contains some 30 billion molecules and ions, and two seconds can be quite sufficient time for Brownian motion to carry together two approaching and temporarily attracting like-charged ions, forming the required quasi-nucleus. Given such a quasi-nucleus formed, then the rest of it (decay of the reversal zone and decay of the quasi-nucleus into its indicated transmuted nucleus at low temperature) is very similar to what happens in conventional nuclear transmutation reactions using high temperature and high energy. The high temperature and high energy were only necessary to defeat the Coulomb barrier. If it is defeated by a fluctuation and reaction reversal of the Coulomb barrier, there is no need for the conventional use of high temperature and high energy.”

That may be more data than anyone wants to know, but I love seeing all of this “exposure” of these “new energy” devices coming out now, thanks in large part to the VT folks.


VT Nuclear Education: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Atom Smasher

By Wile E. Coyote and Elmer Thud. “Particle Physicists”.
Assisting today are Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith

VT_article_rr_and_coyoteEditor’s note:  Were these not cartoon characters and the entire story an allegory, were you to actually read this and grasp its intent, someone might actually have to shoot you.  We, of course, are kidding.  No sane person would publish something this classified.  Then again, why would basic laws of physics be classified.  Doing so would derail human history on behalf of greed.  That would be criminally insane.
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Montague Keen Message 9-14-14…


“This is your big opportunity to create a world where all life is valued and respected. Until now, you were led to accept whatever was forced upon you. When enough of you wake up to the fact that you can now change it, you will do so. Come out of the fear mode…

“Those who remain locked into 3D thinking cannot foresee a way out, so they try to force it on others. They fight for their future too. They now attack those who strive to move forward into the light. Like the proverbial SNAKE, they use sly methods to slide in unnoticed. Then, their real intentions are exposed…

“What you are experiencing is the separation of those who have moved into the light from those who try to force their 3D thinking and way of life on all. Those of you who have progressed to the 4th and 5th dimension, find it increasingly difficult to communicate with those still trapped in 3D.”


Montague’s Message for Sunday 14 September 2014


Your dreams of a just world for all will become a reality, in spite of all the obstacles that have been placed on your path. There will be justice for all displaced people everywhere. When enough people join with Spirit, we will be able to right all the wrongs. There is a massive campaign going on right now to make people more compliant. It is being done mainly through chemtrails. This is preventing many from waking up. It explains why there is so much complacency, and why they are accepting without question the murder and mutilation of children.

This is your big opportunity to create a world where all life is valued and respected. Until now, you were led to accept whatever was forced upon you. When enough of you wake up to the fact that you can now change it, you will do so. Come out of the fear mode. Believe in yourselves, for each day, more people awaken and join you. It takes courage to stand for truth, and to question everything and make your own decisions.
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GaiaPortal 9-13-14… “Structures of intuition are solidified”

gaiaportal_logo73It seems there are several reminders to all of us here. And it appears that this message speaks of a “cutting off” of some sort. The word “presumptive“, it feels to me that this definition is most applicable here:

["presumption"] “an assumption, often not fully established, that is taken for granted in some piece of reasoning.”


Structures of intuition are solidified

Structures of intuition are solidified.

This enables Hue-Beings to find energetic connections to essences required for next Ascension protocols.

Secondary energy grids support the primary.

Fathoms of shadows are now en-Lightened.

Presumptive pathways have been cut.

Dramas are ending.

Clarity is the only reality.

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Preston James VT 9-13-14… “Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Government Psyops”

veterans_today_preston_james_banner_8This is quite the comprehensive history article by Preston, and certainly goes well with David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny series. There is a lot of excellent reading here, and I’ll just leave this with a few of the highlights, from my view, which are likely NOT part of David’s series.

“There has been a continuing stream of Psyops deployed against the American People by the Hidden, True Leaders of America ever since their Covert Takeover in 1913.

“The new BRICS Nations Bank is likely going to decapitate the Top Policy-Makers of the SSG from their elastic, create as much as they need, FIAT phony money supply created with the flick of a pen or a keyboard entry by the Federal Reserve System, the biggest financial scam in history… The new BRICS Nations Banking System is growing by the day and now includes 139 members who have either signed agreements or letters of intent to join up.

“Thanks to the Internet the New Gutenberg press, we now have an excellent opportunity to fully expose these Psyops above for the Big Government Lies that they really are and the criminal part the CMMM has played in their roll-out and coverup.

“A critical turning point is the American Group Mind is now fast approaching and the tables are going to turn for good.

“Insiders believe that when 12% of the American People are woken up to the truth about these False-Flag Psyops, they will rapidly loose [lose] all their power to the “We the People.”(9)

“Thanks to the worldwide Internet we now have millions of very astute civilian researchers examining every single piece of publicly available evidence for all these recent False-Flag, Inside-job Psyops of the SSG. And they have formed thousands of research groups to share information which works itself into the Alternative Media, Blogs and News on the Internet and quickly attains prominence and then spreads like wildfire.”


Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Government Psyops

Want to know why everything in America seems to have become so dysfunctional? Why we have few decent political candidates and why all the electronic voting is manipulated? Why nothing ever seems to get resolved by our Politicians. Why America, formerly the wealthiest most prosperous nation in the world, has been progressively asset stripped and seen its standard of living progressively reduced, with Labor Unions and the Middle Class shrinking by the day?

Why most American heavy industry and  manufacturing has been exported and there are few new good paying jobs available while the large multi-national Corporate Profits are at an all time high? And why America keeps entering into perpetual, un-winnable foreign wars that are illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared and exceedingly indecent and inhumane? Wars which only help the Defense Contractors, Banksters and Politicians share Big Profits gained illegally from the American Taxpayers and borrowed against their Children’s futures?
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And now, Scotland Independence? PressTV 9-14-14… “Scots won’t be bullied, Salmond says”

alex_salmond_scottish_independenceI’m not really following this too closely, but here is another country trying to decide for itself about it’s future.

[Note: I posted a different video than PressTV had, which I could not find on their YouTube page.]


Scots won’t be bullied, Salmond says

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond says the Scottish people will not be “bullied” by oil companies or London in relation to their independence campaign.

Salmond made the comment on Saturday, amid the No camp lunching an intense campaign aimed at dissuading the Scottish people from voting yes in the upcoming independence referendum.

One of Britain’s largest banks, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), said on Thursday that it will move its headquarters to England if Scotland votes for independence next week.

“The day after a Yes vote there will cease to be a No campaign and Yes campaign,” Salmond said, adding, “We will approach the success of Yes with magnanimity to all.”

Earlier on Saturday, former Scottish Nationalist Party deputy leader Jim Sillars warned major UK-based oil firm, British Petroleum (BP), of potential punishment over expressing concerns about the impact of Scotland’s independence from Britain.
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A Priceless Dictionary from Boiling Frogs… “the Doublespeak Dictionary”

boiling_frogs_post_logo_1The EyeOpener Report- Doublespeak Decoded

Politicians & the Doublespeak Dictionary

Ever wonder what politicians are really saying? Well wonder no more. With this handy dandy doublespeak dictionary from you can find out what all that hot air is really about!

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Another Konrad Stachnio, NEO 9-12-14… “Putin is Becoming the Face of the Global Resistance Movement”

putin_evolutionThis article by “The Stachnio” had some great points, I felt. Here are a few that I saw…

… [from French volunteers in Donbas] “Those who carry out this terrorist operation in the Donbas are minions of the international mafia oligarchs. You must understand that we are dealing with the third world war. It began in Libya, then moved to Syria and now to Donbas. We can see that Russia is one of the few countries that have challenged and personally fight globalism. It’s kind of the Reconquista. We’re here to help Russia in this fight. We’re not here to earn money, we do not take any money from anyone . In fact, we spent a lot to get here.

“So why Putin, the ‘Russian KGB apparatchik’, post-Soviet agent’ as the media call him, is gaining such popularity in the world? I do not know how much Russia spends on PR. But I know how much the United States spent on it and the sum are really big. However, this flock of sheep begins to see more and more that something is wrong. They begin to realize that Uncle Sam overdone a little bit and he is going to overdo even more and American stories about ‘terrorists’ will not change anything when the armoured cars will ride under your window and shoot at journalists as it happened in Ferguson. And you, without a trial can be pulled out of the house and put on the rest of your life in CIA prison, for example, in Poland. And all of that in accordance with the ‘democratic’ rights as at the time of NSDAP and Reichstag fire.

“America has become a fascist country as Germany in the past. That fact is very hard to understand to the most of the people… Global ‘oligarchs’, as we can see do not really like the freedom of information. And precisely on this field, they lose with Mr Putin.

“People around the world are becoming increasingly against the international oligarchy, hypocrisy of politicians and the media. Putin as the only one leader of great country caught this surging wave of hatred to 0.0001% of the richest people and the puppet politicians… Putin in his attitude fosters people around the world showing that you can resist the big money, influences and media propaganda. That is why so many volunteers come to Ukraine and fight with Kiev junta.

“People are starting to work together and enjoy the fact that they rise from its knees of sanctions, tax cuts and economic collapse. They begin to see what happens and who got them into it. whereas, Putin walks with these people hand in hand using this trend. He is not afraid of it, does not suppress it as the Western media and Western ‘elite’ do on every level.

“[Putin aide Sergei Glazin] These activities should be directed towards undermining American military and political power, based on the issue of the dollar as a global currency. First of all, such measures should include the denial of the use of the dollar in mutual trade and refusal to invest in foreign exchange reserves in dollar-denominated securities. Dollar instruments should be regarded as extremely risky and their use should be avoided… And of course the most important task is the liberation of Ukraine from the national-revolutionary regime established by the United States.”

And check out the Brzezinski quote at the end, to see what the NWO idea of democracy is (democracy = hegemony = world supremacy… talk about out-of-control ego).

[Note: a few words that are here may perhaps have been result of word processor "autocorrect".]


Putin is Becoming the Face of the Global Resistance Movement

The next volunteers who want to fight with the ‘Global oligarchy’ came to Donbas. This time they are French. People from Serbia, Spain, Germany, France, Polish, Israel, the United Kingdom and Greece already fought with Kiev junta. Recently, volunteers look younger: people over forty went earlier to the militia, now the average age wanting to join the army DRL ranges from 18 to 30. More and more people do not trust the corporate media and they see what’s going on in the world. If I did not speak English, unfortunately I would never learn from the media in my country (Poland) what is really the situation in Gaza, Ukraine and the Middle East. ‘One of the French volunteers who fought in Donbas quite bluntly puts it:
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Another Example of USA CORP Stealing a Nation… Jim Dean & Konrad Stachnio, RT 9-13-14…”NEO – Poland is becoming 52nd state of the United States”

veterans_today_jim_dean_banner_8The more these reports get out there, I feel, the more people will start getting the entire picture about what the USA CORP has done over the decades. It’s more and more apparent that it has operated (and is still operating) as a criminal organization, with slogans like, “Treaties be damned!”, and, “We’re imperialists, dammit… get out of our way!”

The Kingdom of Hawai’i knows all too well about that.

But many are waking up, and acting, in and from their own interests, and with BRICS and all of these countries separating from the “Almighty Oil Dollar” system, the new paradigm for planet Earth is taking root… and being grounded… at (and from) the ground level.

[Btw, for those who don't know what NEO is, it's not from the Matrix movies. It stands for "New Eastern Outlook".]


NEO – Poland is becoming 52nd state of the United States

“We support the hard line taken by the Right Sector… The radical actions of the Right Sector and other militant groups of demonstrators and the use of force by protestors are justified… The Right Sector has taken full responsibility for all the acts of violence during the recent protests. This is an honest position, and we respect it.” … Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs official – 02-02-2014

[ Editor's note:  Konrad Stachnio brings us a very censored story out of Poland, how the US has been taking over Poland as an anti-Russia destabilization base for some years now. You are going to read more than a few things that have never appeared in US media, or Polish for that matter.

This is all part of the New Cold War that our country wages with no public discussion whatsoever. That Obama is in the Whitehouse has been different certainly than sock puppet Bush(43), especially in terms of the push for pre-emptive attacks on Iran to stop a nuclear weapons program that we know now they already knew they did not have.

Our leaders had lied to us just like the Israelis had for 20 years. That was itself, an attack on the American people.

But resistance to lies here, the major national security ones, is almost nonexistent, and by that I primarily mean the institutions that have the organization, and funding to resist.  No matter what they get caught doing, no one in government volunteers to resign, nor does Obama ask them to. They all are escape and evade artists when it comes to avoiding responsibility.

Veterans Today is expanding into Europe in the coming year as we see the bankster and gangster manipulations going on there are using the same tactics used here, like muzzling the media which used to be the advocate of the common citizen. Those days are now gone.

We are going to be building bridges for a citizens Intel network to keep "concerned people" both here and there up to date on the geopolitical scams of the day, and leverage our ability to expose these Neo Cold War national security threats as they emerge... Jim W. Dean ]

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RT 9-12-14… “1.8mn people, 11km line: Catalonians stage their biggest independence rally”

catalan_independence_demonstration_140911It’s not just happening in Scotland. It’s in Spain, as well… in Catalonia. Also in the Basque. This shows that those wanting to restore their place in the world are now stepping up and taking action.

Part of the reason for posting this, is that this is also happening in Hawai’i. And reports like this one indicate to me that the “time is [very] ripe” for the Kingdom of Hawai’i, as well.

Here are two more articles found at RT about the Catalan movement.

Europe’s biggest rally ever? Up to 2 million Catalans march for independence
​Catalan leader defies Spanish PM to his face, pledges to press ahead with independence vote


1.8mn people, 11km line: Catalonians stage their biggest independence rally

Europe saw one of the largest demonstrations in recent years: at least 1.8 million people formed an 11km red-yellow line to show their support for the upcoming independence referendum. A mosaic was made in the form of a ‘V’ for ‘vote’.

V for vote

At least 1.8 million Catalans, dressed in red and yellow, the colors of the Catalan flag, gathered on Gran Via and Avenida Diagonal, two of the main streets in Barcelona. Seen from the air, the rally formed a ‘V’ 11km long. According to the organizers, ‘V’ represented ‘vote’, ‘victory’ and ‘will’ (voluntat in Catalan).

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RT 9-9-14… “World leaders call for end to War on Drugs”

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Finally we’re seeing sanity appear in this area. Many are aware that the drug trade is one the “cabal’s” most lucrative funding mechanisms. Now with marijuana being legalized everywhere, and people calling for an end to the police state madness … Continue reading