This Planet (and it’s occupants) is a Pisser… or, “Dammit… I want my Omelet!!”

omelet_and_potatoesSometimes I look at all these articles and things out there, all the baloney going on, this group is doing this to that group, that group is doing that to this group.

If I did not know better, I’d scream, “THIS PLANET IS A PISSER!!!!”

Dammit… I knew that. I knew that, coming into this mess. So I’ve got no one to hold responsible for my “scream”, except me.

It’s like the omelets I’ve sometimes made, and you know, how it looks all great at the start, then you mess up, and, oops… now they’re scrambled eggs. So maybe that’s what these so-called SSG groups, the cabal, the dark ones, the Illuminati, the NWO types… they’ve been throwing all this crap into “The Omelet”, trying to keep it from BEing an omelet… and trying to keep us all making… scrambled eggs.

I’ve had enough. I love scrambled eggs, and I love this planet, just the way it is… Pisser that it is. BUT… I am ready for a beautiful, elegant, fluffy, Higher Vibrational, Light Containing OMELET.

And I’m DOing something about it. Many of us are. We are joining together, hand in hand, each contributing an egg, or some salt, or cheese, or peppers, or a spatula, a frying pan, a fire, a hot plate… AND DAMMIT… WE’RE GOING TO MAKE THAT OMELET.

So I ask this important, extremely Cosmic, question…

“What do you want. More scrambled eggs? Or The Omelet?”

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140729 1445 KP Message… “The Heat is ON” HI DEF

and a follow up… (this is how it feels)

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Sheldan Nidle Update 7-29-14…


“Over the last two decades we have worked diligently with a group of ingenious lawyers, investors and scientists to create a means to bring this great wall of power down. It began initially as a union of various individuals who wished to use their wealth, acumen and beliefs to forge a network to produce a global common law and human rights organization. They were to work together, share information and leak examples of what was discovered via Internet blogs… Now, these interlinked groups have within them individuals who fully grasp what is needed for them to succeed.

“We are your Ascended Masters! We say a grace for all who are working diligently to manifest a new reality. The first steps in this path are completed and we are seeing how the remaining steps are to manifest. A new banking and financial system is forming, which is ensuring that the cabal’s old ways are banned. The blatant corruption in the globe’s banking system is being swiftly corrected. In this growing milieu, a global currency reevaluation followed by a massive currency reset is taking place. This is to finish when these new currencies become precious metal backed. These events are to be part of a general prosperity launched by brother St. Germain and the ancient families of Europe, China, India and the Americas. In this wash of wealth, there is to rise new governance and a series of great opportunities for each of us to address you. The grand Earth Angel of Mercy, Quan Yin, is to lead these addresses with a most important message.”


1 Chicchan, 3 Pop, 11 Ik

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We come to you with a belated Happy Galactic New Year! A great deal of movement is occurring around your globe. These actions are setting up the events, which are to change your world forever. We expect these events to manifest shortly. The dark cabal ran your reality by itself for the past two decades. This interlocking group of powerful men and women determine the fate of nations, and whether certain economic conditions are to nearly ruin one large corporation or another. Their daily policy positions bring them great wealth and seemingly great respect. Nonetheless, these decisions bring them great disrespect as well! Over the last two decades we have worked diligently with a group of ingenious lawyers, investors and scientists to create a means to bring this great wall of power down. It began initially as a union of various individuals who wished to use their wealth, acumen and beliefs to forge a network to produce a global common law and human rights organization. They were to work together, share information and leak examples of what was discovered via Internet blogs.
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140729 1445 KP Message… “The Heat is ON” (Lo Def)


Neil Keenan 7-29-14… “The Last Line of Defense”

neil_keenan_group_k_header3_480_crop_6This is a new update from Neil and team. The particular pieces of information may be helpful to some. Overall, it ends on a positive note.

The piece about the cabal wanting to “off” 268 million of the US, I am positive will not happen.


The Last Line of Defense

Our hotel here in Jakarta Indonesia is located near a large mosque. Prayer chants can be heard throughout the day and night. Tonight those intonations are accompanied with the sound of fireworks. It is the eve of Idul Fitri, which in Arabic means “newly reborn.” Tomorrow, the last day of Ramadan, is a time of celebration for all the Muslim world.

For those here on the front lines in the global battle to expose and defeat Tyranny it is also a time of celebration. More importantly, it is a time for continued vigilance as we press our adversaries in every direction to the edges of the Earth.

On 11-23-2011, what was to become known as the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, New York. This action, along with the plaintiff, Neil F Keenan, would provide the catalyst in exposing to the American public gross criminal activities of the Zionist-controlled US government. As the lawsuit process progressed, it would reveal to the world the organized enslavement of humanity and ongoing rape of the planet itself.

When first hearing of the lawsuit , Ben Fulford prophetically predicted that this single brave action could bring an end to worldwide financial tyranny. We’ve since learned the implications are even more far-reaching.
Read more…

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Kingdom of Hawai’i Series, Part 16… from Kingdom of Hawai’i Blog, “The King’s Decree of 7-28-14, ‘Regarding the United States Navy and the destruction of Hawai’i’s marine environment’”

hawaiian_kingdom_shield_16This decree/edict by Ali’i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., appeared today on the Kingdom of Hawai’i blog. I have made this a part of the Kingdom of Hawai’i series. It relates to this earlier post about the deceased whale found on Kauai.

Selected highlights are below (bolding is the King’s).

“…the U.S. government has no spiritual or ancestral ties to these islands, as myself and my people do, they have raped and pillaged these lands and our oceans with absolutely no regard for the effect such heinous actions will have on our future generations. This abhorrent behavior will no longer be tolerated, as the Kingdom cares deeply for the land, the oceans, and all walks of life, both human and animal, which inhabit this archipelago.

“The governments of the world continue to operate within 2nd and 3rd dimensional thinking, and continue to destroy our world with stupid conflicts created by man… It is difficult to find words to adequately characterize the the behavior of the United States foreign military forces now using Hawaiian waters for their war games, with little to no regard for the destruction such behavior is causing to our delicate ecosystem and marine life. A dead whale washing up on the beach, turtles with their legs blown off, and coral reefs reduced to rubble, – the horror continues.

“We have known about the effects of high energy sonar on Whales and other marine life for years. It was fifteen years ago that whale watch boat captains and shore observers documented that the Whales had fled from the U.S. Navy low frequency sonar testing area off the Island of Hawai’i. The Navy has been killing or injuring Whales and other marine life for decades while issuing one denial after another.

“These are not respectful people. They have no respect for the creatures living in the ocean. They have no respect for the future of the oceans. They have no respect for life. They only worship their imperial goals and the death that accompanies pursuit of those goals.

As Sovereign of this Nation, I therefore issue the following edict: ‘RIMPAC 2014 is the last time foreign armies will be allowed to abuse the Hawaiian environment.

“Of particular concern is the use of high-powered sonar at low, middle, and high frequencies. The history of such sonars killing or harming marine life, especially Whales, is sufficient to conclude they cannot be used safely…. Such sonars are now banned from all Hawaiian waters.

Therefore, in conclusion, I am not directing but ordering you to cease and desist in your war games, for it is my kuleana and sacred duty to protect this Sovereign Nation and all its resources. The ocean is our source of life and your activities are not welcomed. The Kingdom of Hawai’i is a non-aligned nation and has no use for your Military campaigns and war games. You are to cease and desist in your activities immediately.

“I am sending this letter to Governor Abercrombie and the Trustees of OHA because they have failed miserably in their duties to protect the Hawaiian ‘aina from the destructive actions of the occupying nation.”

View the full document at

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A Result of RIMPAC 2014? Hawaii News Now, 7-26-14… “Pilot whale dies after washing up in Hanalei Bay on Kauai”

whale_washes_up_Hanalei_Bay_140725We shall see what the data shows about the causes of the whale’s death. But I strongly get that RIMPAC 2014 (going on now) was involved.


Pilot whale dies after washing up in Hanalei Bay on Kauai

Click here to view video

HANALEI, KAUAI (HawaiiNewsNow) – Video posted on YouTube shows a 16-foot adult short-finned pilot whale lying sideways in shallow water at Hanalei Bay. Marine biologist Terry Lilley was one of the first to come upon the animal Friday morning. He said the whale was barely breathing.

“It didn’t look like it was something where we would have had the ability to get it back out into the sea in time,” Lilley told Hawaii News Now by telephone.

He said there were two small punctures in the whale’s body, each about an inch across, but no other outward signs of injury.

“This whale was very fat, very healthy looking,” he said. “It did not seem to have any disease or markings or anything that would indicate it had any trauma. So having a super healthy whale wash up like this is highly unique,” Lilley said.

Some marine mammal experts and anti-RIMPAC advocates said sonar used in naval maneuvers like the Rim of the Pacific Maritime exercise can interfere with a whale’s inner guidance system. Lilley suspects that’s what happened to the pilot whale.

“The sonar affects the inner ear of the whale and therefore it loses its ability navigate. Whales navigate by using sonar themselves,” he said.

But in a statement, the Navy said it’s not to blame.

“There is no indication that the loss of the animal was caused by Navy activities. It would be premature and irresponsible to speculate otherwise,” said Navy spokesman Lt. Cdr. Nick Sherrouse.

“This one whale washed up to shore. For every one that washes up to shore there’s probably dozens that are dead that’s floating around in the middle of the ocean that nobody sees. So we have no clue on how many whales and seals and dolphins the Navy is killing right now with these war games because we can’t go out there and look,” Lilley said.

NOAA’s Marine Mammal division sent a team of veterinarians and support staff to Kauai to perform a necropsy on the pilot whale. Specimens will be sent to mainland laboratories.

Copyright 2014 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

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Might I Suggest… Two Posts from Lada Ray…

This gallery contains 1 photo.

These are about all I’m able to put out right now, as this process I am in continues. My intention is to stay in the Light, and avoid the “Heavy”. So here are 2 links, and a highlight from each. … Continue reading


This is how I Like to “Process”…

A few posts ago, I mentioned “There is a Process going on at this Time.” So today is the second day after it started, and this is how it is going. It requires a mocha by the ocean, and that … Continue reading


Benjamin Fulford 7-28-14… “Updated background briefing on thee Yatagarasu or Three Legged Crow Japanese secret society”

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Updated background briefing on thee Yatagarasu or Three Legged Crow Japanese secret society [Ben Fulford] Notice to readers, this week marks the beginning of my annual one month break from the internet. For that reason, until the August 25th edition, … Continue reading

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:Russell-Jay : Gould… 7-27-14, on Maui… VIDEO… (Separating from the Matrix) The title of this is, “FEDERAL POSTAL COURT MORTGAGE DEED OF TRUST LANGUAGE FRAUD TRIAL HEARING Merge”. :Russell-Jay : Gould was also posted on this blog, here.


7-27-14… “Special [Drake] show with Dr. Aidun to update and give some clarity about SICE”… MP3s

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This show took place today, and was about 90 minutes long. It may be helpful for those who may like to get more information from Dr. (Judge) Aidan (Naidu). This show focuses on what is called SICE (Sovereign International Court … Continue reading

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Office of Poofness 7-27-14… “How Great”

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“Many months ago many transactions in regard of historic bonds, dinar, dong, other currency, gold, gems, etc were completed, and funds were generated. Then they started to transfer these funds to the payees, and all attempts to transfer funds failed… … Continue reading


Montague Keen Message 7-27-14… “Every day you become more awake and aware of your own power”

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“My friends, every day you become more awake and aware of your own power. You are now seeing for yourselves how things changed when you began the work on the ley lines. I cannot stipulate enough the importance of releasing … Continue reading

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Stay in the Light… There is a Process Going on at this Time.

I am only going to say that the prior post had to be removed. I’m in a process at this moment and may not be posting any more until tomorrow. All is well. Aloha.


Sunday 7-27-14… “Special [Drake] show with Dr. Aidun to update and give some clarity about SICE”

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Just wanted to point this show out for those who may like to get more information from Dr. (Judge) Aidan (Naidu). This show focuses on what is called SICE (Sovereign International Court of Equity). The show is from 2-5 PM … Continue reading

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Sophia Love 7-25-14… “Prophecy and Creation”

This message from Sophia struck home tonight. So I’m sharing it. Prophecy and Creation We have arrived, or better said, noticed now, a spot that is constantly adjusting – seemingly to our every thought. This is the beginning stage of … Continue reading


Let Me Say This about That…

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As I feel it right now, at this moment (0130 HST), there are certain things that rankle from time to time, and that means I’m to pay attention to what “the rankling” is all about. First off, we all have … Continue reading


VERY Interesting… Gwen Caldwell’s [5-21-13] interview with :Russell-Jay : Gould This is EXPANDING my mind!!! And I post here now because JP on Maui said she had just met this fellow where she works. Now, I feel the time is to release a lot of this. I have set … Continue reading


Tolec Update 7-24-14… Part 2 of 2: “A contemporary summary update by Nahiska, Head of Defense, for the Andromeda Council”

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“As Tolec stated, the area of space this solar system is currently going through is very dense, dynamic, highly magnetic & highly charged, and also full of remnants of a planet that was destroyed centuries ago. As a result the … Continue reading

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Tolec Update 7-24-14… Part 1 of 2: “Tolec concurs & comments on David Wilcock’s 07.22.14 thoughts [re: Benjamin Fulford, the failing Cabal, and benevolent ET assistance]“

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I received a notice from Tolec yesterday about this. Here is the link. Tolec sent the following to me as what he considers the main highlights, from his point of view. “Yes, David Wilcock is correct in his assessment & … Continue reading

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Well, this is MY Post… for this NOW Moment… Talking with Chickens

I’m on my bed right now. But I felt something was coming out. And I just kind of got done with posting everybody else’s stuff. So here’s mine. All I’ll say is the most fun I had today was walking … Continue reading


7-24-14, Drake updates show with special guests Dr. Aidun and Michael Dunn… MP3s

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The show highlighted Kingdom of Hawai’i AG Judge (Dr.) Aidun (Naidu), and Michael Henry Dunn, who both come in in Part 3. —————————————————— Thursday Drake updates show with special guest Dr. Aidun MP3s (6 parts, 30 min., 7 MB each … Continue reading


GaiaPortal 7-24-14… “Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational and Higher Dimensional levels”

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I would say the point that strikes loudest here, for me, is this, “Break-offs from old paradigm systems now occurs rapidly and with solid movement. Such continues until all are dissolved.” ————————————————– Gaia energetics prepares for “Restart” at Higher Vibrational … Continue reading

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RT 7-24-14… “State Dept. accuses Russia of firing artillery into Ukraine, refuses to provide any evidence”, or “How to Accuse Russia of ‘being the devil’, cover your ´ōkole, and re-start the Cold War while being “pretty” and giving short curt (BS) answers that tell you nothing”

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This was great viewing. I love Matthew Lee. Anyway, check out the 3 minute video here and watch how he pokes holes in the “what’s her name she’s very good looking so I forgot it already” US CORP. State Department … Continue reading


7-24-14 False Flag (formerly Dynamic Duo) Weekly News This is a “Dynamic Mono” today, with Jim Fetzer. He covers in detail new revelations about Sandy Hook, Malaysian MH17, 9/11, JFK assassination, Gaza, and even (possibly; I may have mis-heard this) how sweet and lovable Benjamin Netanyahu is… … Continue reading

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From Ali’i Mana’o Nui Lanny Sinkin, 7-23-14… “Letter to OHA regarding Pūwalu”

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[This was posted here at Kingdom of Hawai'i blog.] This letter from Ali’i Mana’o Nui (Chief with great wisdom) Lanny Sinkin to OHA regarding a Pūwalu (coming together) “to discuss the diverse processes toward nation building”. Here are highlights. “OHA … Continue reading


FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 7-22-14… “Bush Jr., Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior nazionists to be arrested soon”… “What we are witnessing is clearly the end game for the nazionists”

The highlights from this post from Ben are below. The one paragraph he has repeated 3 times. I’m leaving it in, as perhaps it’s a (hidden) message. But presuming his report is on the money, we can expect some exciting … Continue reading

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Tomorrow [well, now it's Today...] 7-24-14, 2400 UTC (2000 EDT)… “Thursday Drake updates show with special guest Dr. Aidun”

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I am posting this preview here, as the show will include Kingdom of Hawai’i AG Judge (Dr.) Aidun (Naidu), (AG = “Attorney General”, not something agricultural) (and who knows who else will be on the show). As I understand, Judge … Continue reading


Office of Poofness 7-23-14… “Mid-Week Update”

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The only note I’ll make here is that “Snuffles” is the (ZAP’s? Our?) purple pig, soon to have wings. ——————————————————- Mid-Week Update HI ALL SNUFFLES WAS RESTLESS YESTERDAY. SNUFFLES TURNED PINK FROM HOLDING HIS BREATH. SNUFFLES DIDN’T LOOK GOOD. SUSAN … Continue reading

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Jim Fetzer VT, 7-22-14… “The Sandy Hook “Smoking Gun”: Game, Set, Match!”

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Jim came out with this post yesterday, and I pass along, as there is new photo evidence here, in particular showing Shannon Hicks taking the photo which won her a prize. But she definitely took more than one. No matter … Continue reading


Lada Ray [7-22-14] — Earth Shifters, Feng Shui and Global Predictions… VIDEO I felt some might enjoy this interview with Lada Ray on The Plane Truth radio. Here is the link to Lada Ray’s post at her blog. Video notes: Published on Jul 22, 2014 Audio File: To Contact Paul, … Continue reading


Sheldan Nidle Update 7-22-14…

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7 Etznab, 1 Vayeb, 10 Caban Selamat Balik! We come with many wonderful things to discuss. Presently, events are being readied which are to bring this globe freedom, peace and prosperity. Our galactic and earthly associates are working together to … Continue reading

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